Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Yes, folks, the First Annual Virtual Craft Show is almost upon us, hosted by Lori Anderson at Pretty Things.  It's been sneaking closer and closer and now we have just a little over a week and a half left until it's time to hop from blog to blog and shop to shop to see what all is for sale.  Christmas gifts galore!  Treats for your sisters, cousins, mothers, aunts, granmas... and, I'm sure there will even be some manly items available.  It's like an electronic treasure hunt, you just follow the links and do a little digging and who knows what sorts of baubles you might come up with.  There are some real gems out there (pun FULLY intended!)

Shoot, forget the other women in your family.  Buy for yourself! (like a friend of mine did... her poor grandaughter has no idea what she didn't get! hahaha!)

Pre-sale treat-peek of some of what will be available on my Etsy Store!
Christmas Cheer - beads are
handmade lampwork by
Sue of Sue Beads

Golden Tears ~ wire wrapped
gold beads on hand made
ear hooks

Support Spina Bifida line ~
Watch with deep purple
and yellow beads and
bicon crystals - 8" lgth

Autumn Sunset ~ chocolate
ribbon with caramel colored
oval beads, copper spacers
and a sunset colored glass focal.

Earth's Wheels ~ earth-tone
mottled beads on brass
chain, handmade ear wires.

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