Tuesday, November 8, 2011


You all know I decided to participate in the Art Bead Scene's November Challenge and that this is the color pallet they gave us to work with:
I love these colors! I'm pretty sure I mentioned that in my last blog.  I love them because I love Autumn.
I hate these colors! I hate them because I can't use silver wire in my design.  Okay, I did say I was participating to stretch my mind and my creativity so I guess I can't really say I hate them.  It is making me think outside my little silver-encrusted box!

colors to match pallet
 Well, I've gotten a good start (finally!) on my necklace.  Yes, yes, I was going to do a lanyard.  I changed my mind.  I'm a woman.  I get to do that.  I still plan to make a lanyard and a chain for holding your glasses in these colors, but that will come later.  Right now, it's turned into a necklace.  Here's the start (no, it's not finished, yet):

1) Pull out every bead that even remotely looks like it might match the colors in the pallet.
2) Sort through the colors (drooling over the lush richness of them) and spend at least 3 days trying to decide which ones will work best (never an easy job!)
3) Narrow down the choices

narrowed down colors
 4) Then narrow down the choices again
5) Create your first incarnation of the necklace, bracelet, lanyard, earrings (whatever flips your wig)
6) Create a second incarnation with a very slight difference
7) Take pictures to email to a beady friend to critique and sit and mull it over for a day (or two... but not much more)

preliminary design

.... now what?  (eeeeevil grin) Guess you'll have to come back to see...


  1. Can't wait to see, I love these colors!

  2. I think it's a nice challenge, lovely colors, enjoy it!