Friday, April 17, 2015

Out of The Myths

I have been reading a sci-fantasy series that has recently inspired me in the jewelry making arena.  The author suggests that all our lore and legends are based in some reality and the gods, goddesses and demi-gods of old myth are actual living beings. Some from here and some from other "realms," or what we would call dimensions. It's an interesting thought. So I have a goal to create a line of pendants and/or earrings to represent the gods and goddesses of myth and legend; Out Of The Myths.

With all the ideas bouncing around in my head for this, I was actually able to get into my craft room last night and play. It was my first time making a pendant and I learned a few things. Such as, you need to make the tab a little longer if you're going to create your own bail. Also, it helps to have a good set of bail making pliers on hand (I have a pair of small-bail Wubbers on hold in Amazon...) but I really like my first attempt, even if it's not perfect. It's called The Heart Of Hades.

Have a look:

This is when I realized I needed to take pics! Duh! I'd added on
three layers of Iced Enamels faux enamel in Ruby & Pewter, then
cut a small bit of Sterling, lead-free solder, flattened it, and filed it
to form a heart. I was able to attach it using the same heat gun I'd
used to melt the faux enamel. It's on there quite firm.

This is after I'd attempted to fold/roll over the tab. As I said, it
wasn't quite long enough. Next time, though. I was still able
to string it on a chain and am wearing it today, regardless.

I decided I didn't want the back to be plain ol' metal so I painted
red & black acrylic paints in to mimic the front. I chose the black
as the flame-like portion - after all, we're dealing with Hades,
ruler of Tartarus and lord of the Dark... well, in our mythology.
In the series I'm reading, he's the world's top necromancer and
he and Persephone are perfectly in love and her mother, Demeter,
is a selfish, egomaniacal, narcissistic human who is jealous of
anyone who can command magic.
So, after everything was how I wanted I sealed both sides (one at a time) with Resin spray. It gives it a glossy look not fully captured by my smart phone, but,  hey, it's still got good color.

So, what's inspired you, lately?

Monday, April 6, 2015


Woo Hoo! My muse came out of hiding for awhile, today, and my 109 lb "fur-baby" let me do some work. I played with Relique Ice Resins today. I made some sample tabs to see what they would do & look like, then I made a pair of earrings. (squeeeeee! I made some jewelry!!)
Anyway, here's some pics. Enjoy!
Top left; Chartreuse, German Silver, Turquoise. Top right; Raspberry, Ivory, Gold. Bottom; Amethyst, Pewter, Ruby.
Used Chartreuse as companion in all but one mix set. Top; C & Raspberry, C. & Turquoise, C. & Amethyst. Right; C. & Pewter, C. & German Silver. Bottom; clockwise from top of pic, Carnelian, C. & Carnelian, C. & Ruby, Carnelian-Turquoise-Ruby.
Earrings; Turquoise, Carnelian, Ruby (hard to see the difference in the red & orange in this pic). Set my colors & ran a toothpick thru them while still in a melted state. I call them "Molten" because I feel compelled to name my stuff. What can I say, I'm weird. :)