Monday, August 5, 2013

Still Here.....

Yes, I'm still lurking around the 'net.  I'm following the blogs I've got on my stalking list and checking my FB page (with the occasional note) but I've been too busy with the the pup-meister and haven't really been able to create anything.  You try to affix bits and bobs together with a 45lb, 3 1/2 month is old GIANT puppy wanting to play and chewing on everything from your steel wire coil to the pieces that fall off your table so that you have to dive for him, pry his mouth open and remove whatever it is before he swallows it . Which he believes is a game and bounces away the next time you try to grab him causing you to lose your balance and look like a spastic chicken on ice as you work not to fall and nab the little trouble maker at the same time.

I will be back. Eventually. With more creations, I promise. Keep watching.