Friday, September 30, 2011

New Attempts

I've started playing with a new medium, Sculpy Clay.  I've never used clay before but it seems I may have a bit of talent in this direction. Below are pics of some of my 1st attempts, still in the rough.  They need to be sanded a bit, then I'm planning to paint them and lightly coat them in resin to keep them sealed and give them a little more protection.

Idea from Kari on the Spina Bifida web-site... "Believe"
The idea being, Pigs CAN Fly, so Kids with disabilities can do ANYthing!
2nd attempt, a little smaller and the "flying pig" was
made by hand instead of carved like the 1st one was.
Dragonfly and findings baked into the clay and set
into a necklace bezel. Sadly, a couple of the "reeds"
broke off, but I think I can fix them.

1st heart attempt.  The larger bit is a
garnet chip. The next attempt will have
yellow beads baked in for Spina Bifida!

So, as I said, these are my first attempts.  I'm going to paint them (and fix the reeds on the dragonfly pendant) and then seal them with a thin layer of resin.  Once they're done, I'll repost the end product.  Once I have several bits of product, I'll begin offering them for sale. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

A New Blog

How many blogs can one woman manage? Well, we'll find out, won't we?  My sister's always called me the "crazy creative" one, hence the name.  She's creative, too, just not in the same way as me.  So, she's going to be a moderator for this site as well, I'm just not sure how often (if at all) she'll post anything.

We're wanting to start selling some of the things we make; jewelry such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets, crocheted items such as scarves and baby blankets (Sister is good at those!) and perhaps, just perhaps, focal beads made of clay then hand painted and sealed.  The idea for that came to me from seeing something on a spina bifida blog I follow thru my Minstrals & Troubadors blog, when pigs fly.  I love it! My first attempt was going to be a large-ish focal bead but turned out too big... that's okay, that's where "repurposing" comes in! It's now going to be a Christmas ornament (Scasmflop loves it! They have a son who has spina bifida, so she's looking forward to the finished product... actually, so'm I!)

As soon as I can, I'll have pics uploaded on here to show you what we're doing and what will be available for sale.

Have a Blessed Day!