Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Znet Shows Sea Glass & Other Beads

I had some fun this weekend. I was finally able to sit down and play with some of the man-made sea glass I had bought from ZNet Shows.  I only made earrings, but here's what turned out:

Red Sea Glass wrapped in copper wire. LOVE these and am
planning to keep them for myself!

teeeeeny tiiiiiny copper discs I cut out, beat up, and strung
on copper wire headpins I made. No sea glass, but I'm pretty
proud of these tiny litte danglers.

Again, no sea glass, but I did make the bead caps and headpins
from copper all by little lonesome! :)  The blue mottled beads
on the bottom are ceramic beads from Michael's and the top ones
are "mood" beads from  You can see the slight
discoloration on the right bead where I put my thumb.

More gorgeous sea glass from ZNet. This time in orange rounds
that I wire wrapped a bead into the center of. I added an amber
crystal rondell for an accent at the top. This time it seemed to
beg for gold... which is odd because most of my beads love
silver or copper.  Oh, well.

See what I mean? Silver AND copper in with these orange
and green sea glass beads. There's just something so
flirty about dangley earrings!
More orange sea glass (think I got enough of it? Luscious
color, eh?) I used blister pearls and fan-shaped findings
to accent the beads. Mmmmm...
Tulip shaped blue sea glass, round moonstone sea glass and
small red sea glass beads. Tulip glass is accented by silver
flower like bead caps and strung on my handmade copper
headpins (you can juuuust see the pink end of the pin on
the right as it wraps around the bead cap). Silver lotus-like
bead caps cradle the white beads.

Warm yellow sea glass strung on silver headpins I made, sitting
atop small, sea blue crystal rondells and the silver wrapped
around the front of the large bead. Fan accent from Michael's.

Yellow sea glass wire wrapped in hematite colored wire,
dangling from extra necklace links that have ceramic
tubes wired into them. The tubes had just the right color
for the yellow glass to bring out the warmth but the blue
still keeps it from being TOO yellow-y.
I do plan to play some more with my sea glass (when I can... once again crammed for time ~bleah~) and I have an idea for another, smaller challenge that I'll be sharing soon (hop over to my FB page - button on the right of this post - if you want a sneak peak as to what that idea is) so keep checking back. I'm slower with my blog posts lately, but I'm still lurking (and stalking my favorite bloggers! hehehehee!)