Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Most Magical Day of the Year

Yes, to me, Halloween (or, as I like to say, Howl-O'ween) is the most magical day in a magical month. I don't know why. Is it the change of seasons? The change of weather?  Getting to dress up and be someone else for one day out of the year? (two, if you go to Ren-Faires!)  Whatever it is, I love the Day. So, apparently, do some of my co-workers! Here's a peek at my day here at the office:

Earlier in the week, a number of us carved pumpkins ~ mine
is the spider, 3rd pumpkin from your right.
I chose to use my Ren-Faire Alter Ego for
today ~ if you haven't already, meet Zarqa
Habibe. Also, take a good look at her necklace.
It's a Sightmare from Dr. Brassy Steamington.
Check out her Etsy Store for your own (some
AWEsome stuff in Dr. Steamy's store!)

I'd say time-travelling Mario Bro's, but
they were the full-on bright of the '80's
originals... THIS is thanks to picmonkey.

Hope everyone else had (or has) fun today!
Happy Howl-O'ween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

LATElatelatelateLATE! I'm Late!

Never mind the nod to the White Rabbit, I'm just plain ol' late! I know I put a brief post up on Sunday, but I still didn't get back here to post any pics of anything for either the Solar Flare or October-Fest blog hops. 

Anyway, what I ended up doing was combining the two hops into one piece... well,  two pieces of jewelry, a necklace and earrings. (of course, those who follow me know I can make just earrings, but I can never make a necklace without making earrings, too.)  So, here's the set I made, combining them for both hops (which I hope everyone visited the various blogs who were ON TIME with theirs):

Not sure what to title this set ~ but the necklace links are
copper tubing that I hammered the snot out of and textured
to a fare-thee-well before coating with Renaissance Wax so
neither they, nor the wearer, would turn green
closer look - wire wrapped a fire agate for the pendent
represents both Autumn AND a solar flare rather well, thank you!
Yes! I hand made the clasp! I am so PROUD of me!
(pats self on back, pulls a tendon ~owie~)

wire wrapped some sari ribbon as an accent
to the fire agate sticks. LOVE! that color ribbon
Again, apologies to the hosts of both hops.  I always gripe about those who sign up then don't show whenever I've joined a hop and here I'm the culprit this time. :(  

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall and Solar Blog Hops

1st, let me just say... "Whoops!"  and   "I'm sorry!"
I hate it when someone who says they're going to be part of a hop forgets.  I forgot.  AND! I managed to sign up (and forget) two blogs ON. THE. SAME. DAY!

All I can say at this point is, a) I will have something up here this evening (and, apologies, again, most especially to those hosting... it's not their fault I'm insane!) and, b) go see what the others who actully GOT their jewelry done have done:

Fall Hop: (hosted by toltec jewelry)
Host Toltec Jewels
Heather Otto
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Shelly Graham Turner ;
Shelly Joyce
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Karin Slaton
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Alicia Marinache
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Kimberly Booth
Sherri Stokey
Tanya McGuire ;
Debbie Rasmussen
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Tanty Sri Hartanti McGriff
Evelyn Shelby

Colene Waltermire
Lee Nova

And for the Solar Flare Hop: (which I managed to miss by a full day!)
Gloria Allen
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As I said, my apologies for being late. No excuses (tho' I have some... really good ones, too) but I will post something here tonight (after I return from church and have a chance to get some pics).

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sharing A Blessing

Well! I was going share better pics of my latest lanyard creation using Dhea's awesome hubster's beads (check his beads out here) but, sadly for your viewing pleasure (but happily for my wallet) it sold the day after I put it on FB.  The Lord knew I needed that little bit of extra money this week, hence the blessing (and happy wallet).  However, far be it from me not to share in SOME fashion, so here are the quickie shots I took with my iPhone and finagled with instagram:

Fall Lanyard with brass shell casings holding the
faux amber beads.

A closer look

Is it a necklace?  A lanyard?

Yes! It's BOTH! You can remove the badge holder
and have a nice necklace after the work day is over.
I have plans to bug Dhea's hubs for more of the glass candy corn and then horde if for a loooong while. Unless they speak to me. Did you know beads talk? Inside your head.
"Use me here."
"Add that color bead, it would complement me really well!" 
"Well, try using me without the end cap this time!"

All the time, they talk!

Ruby's Gems ~ Pondering the Imponderable

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some Work, An Idea and Another "Dead" Thing

I worked in my craft room last night.  I got some gorgeous beads from Dhea and her husband in the shape/style of candy corn. LOOOOOOVE!  So, I'm designing a lanyard with them.  Here's the general out line, so far (rough, yet):

I'm still working on how I want the beads to your left to string/hang. I like the idea of a double row, but I'm still working on the logistics.  You'll notice the two main beads at the point?  Yeah, they're used, brass bullet casings. I shined them up then used Renaissance Wax on them to keep them from darkening due to wear and handling.  This is still somewhat in the planning stages, tho', so I don't know that my first idea will stick. We'll see.

Then, because I had such fun with the mis-matched earring swap, and I really liked what I sent my partner, I made a similar pair with only a few changes:

Blood-Moon Nights
Me like-y! (heee)

...and some from the bullet casings I showed you yesterday:

(or, maybe, Updated Cupid! Oooohh!)
A little heavier than I like, but still wearable.  Awesome!

And, the idea:
love how Instagram makes it look like old parchment!
Just a few thoughts on a focal bead for a necklace from one of my shell casings.

And, for those who miss my "Dead" Things photos, here's one for you:

...again, love the look from Instagram! too cool!
What have you been up to?

Monday, October 22, 2012

I've Got A Lot of Brass!

Yes, I do! 

Bullet casings, I mean.  I asked a friend if, the next time he went to the shooting range, he would police his brass for me. I've seen some ideas using old bullet casings and want to try a few of my own. I'm inspired! (the funniest one being a "Zombie Killer" necklace... LOVED it!)

Anyway, here's a few shots of the haul I received and what's going on (so far):


Cleaning the gunpowder off the brass is an adventure: soapy
water can create a coat of rust on the steel jacketed casings.
If you don't want this look, or want to clean it, don't try this!

Amazing what one of those little spongy, multi-sided files
will do to clean off the rust! Much better (altho' I could change
my mind at a later date!)

Another look in better lighting
(sorry, the iPhone wanted to focus on my fingers)

Brass and... not sure what those silver casings are made from,
stainless steel? Is that even possible?  Anyway, only those
made from whatever that silver material is didn't rust. The brass
didn't rust, either, but you can see the oils, etc. that coat the casing.

Used the file in two directions to create this matte look
to the brass.  I kind of like it. I'm now trying to decide if
I need to invest in, and practice with, etching materials
or just use alchohol inks. Opinions?

Yes, I drilled a hole in several of them. Quite the interesting
adventure. You have to find a way to hold the metal casing
so that you don't burn yourself when the friction from the drill
heats the casing and you don't want to put it in some sort of
grip that will warp, bend or dent the casing.  I found a folded
piece of flannel works well for this. You can get a pretty good
grip to keep the casing from spinning and not get burned.
 So, there you have it. My latest Brain-Storm in the making. At least it proves I HAVE a brain.

Of some kind.

I *Heart* Macro

I skipped last week entirely and was a little lazy about this week. I only took a pic of my dog's ear because the sun created a funky light patch through it. And I used my iPhone instead of my camera. Lazy!  But it looked cool. 

What have you done? Go check out others' shots at Studio Waterstone.