Saturday, June 30, 2012

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So, I've got my package together for my Bead Soup partner and it will be going out on Monday (sorry, Rachel, that's the soonest I could get it in the mail!)  I'm so excited, I think I may have gone overboard (it's my inner Drama Diva, what can I say?)  ANYway, here's a tease (heeeee):


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Would You Do?

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I have a stretchy bracelet my BFF, Mad Molley, gave me a lot of years ago. Yes, amazingly, I still have it!  But, it's starting to wear a bit in places. The silver patina has rubbed off and the copper beneath is showing.  I don't know if this is due to the amount of time I've worn it or the acidity of my skin (shut up, Mol!)
ANYway, I have plans to remake/repurpose the charms into either another bracelet or a necklace. They look rather rustic, but I'm still thinking.......
Have a look:

Love the charms

See the copper coming thru?

SO cool!
So what do you think, folks. Ideas? Suggestions? 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Definition of SPOILED

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Anyone care to guess what this is??
That's right. This is a close up of THE MOST SPOILED DOG in the world.  Before this dog, my mom only tolerated pets because she wanted Saner Sister and I to have the experience of good pets in our lives.  Before THIS dog, she never allowed dogs on the furniture (not that that ever stopped a determined one, right?)  Before THIS DOG, my mom rarely spoiled, let alone "talked" to them (altho' my true doggie luv, Beau, softened her up). 
Jackson Kramer is something else, again (yes, he was named for the Seinfeld character... yes, it was because of how he would enter the room....)  Let me just say, if you see a dog (on t.v., in a magazine, in an add, on a calendar) and decide THIS is the breed for YOU! (whichever breed that is) research the dog, 1st. No, really. Google it, check him out on Dog 101, the AKC web site, SOMEwhere you need to look at that type of dog's temperament, need for exercise, health issues (if any... i.e., bulldogs need veterinary help for their breeding/birthing) attitude around kids, and anything else that you might need to know. FOR example:  Jack was actually bought for Dad. He's a Weimaraner and you've likely seen his breed type in calendars. The photographer owns several and dresses them in human clothes and puts them in silly and/or human poses. 
Yeah, those dogs.
Weimers are great dogs, but there's a problem. We didn't check out Jack's breed before buying.  Weimer's are also as smart as your average 10 year old child. It's true. Also, if you do ANYthing one time with a Weimer it's considered "routine." 
"What? You did it yesterday at 5 o'clock. Why can't I have another snack today? It's after 5 o'clock!"
I kid you not.
AND, you'll never go the bathroom or take a shower alone again. The Weim will stand at a closed door and whine.  A sort of groan/whine meant to make you feel like dirt for leaving him on the outside of that door. That's genetic to their breed. They MUST be around their people at all times. Talk about dependency issues! Plus they "talk" to you.  Jack has a tendency, if he doesn't like what Saner Sister or I say, to "yawn" at us. Loudly. Sometimes with syllables. (didn't know a yawn had syllables, did you?)
And they're nosy. Into EVERYthing they can get into.  Or chew on (shoes, socks, nylons, hand towels and underpants are NOT safe! In fact, investing in ipecac is a good idea with these dogs!)

Spoiled Defined
Notice the cover she put on the couch for him?
 However, once they decide to love you, they never quit (altho' I've never met a dog who could hold a grudge like Jack can... I don't know if that's ingrained in the breed or just his personality ~yay, us!~)  When we brough Jack home AAAALLL those years ago (he was 3 months old at the time) he looked around our family and decided Mom would be His Person.  He's had her wrapped ever since.  It's taken all Saner Sister and I can do to convince Mom NOT to be an enabler. (doesn't always work) But we all love that Gray Rat, even in spite of all we learned the hard way.  And, yes, we'd likely get another Weimer when Jack goes to Doggie Heaven. (altho' I'm holding out for a German Shepherd)
Anyway, go here to read a post I did about the Gray Rat on an old blog of mine (I don't use it anymore, but I've kept it open for the work I've already done)

So share something you've had to learn the hard way about your pet.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Soup Recipe

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YAY! I get to participate in Lori Anderson's 6th Bead Soup Blog Party.  I and my partner, Rachel Myers of Rockabead Jewelry will be in the 3rd reveal on August 25th.  EEEEEE!!!  (no, no, not a bit excited).

I'm a bit worried, I've never done this before. Usually, when I cook, I work from a recipe (I don't have my Dad's talent of looking at things and going "mmhm, hmm, yes, that will all work together" and throwing it in a pot to have a yummy concoction come out) and this particular Soup doesn't come with a recipe. Well, other than being sure you send the essentials to your swap partner and which essentials you receive that you must use in your recipe. Other than that, it's all up to you.

This will be fun, even if I'm thinking I'm in a Recipe Share with women who are more crazily creative than me. But, I also know how kind and supportive they are so the worry is actually minimal. 

I also have my own blog hop, The Phantom Blog Hop, coming up at the end of August.  No, the two Hops won't interfere with each other, it's just going to be a busier month than I first tho't when I chose it for my own Hop. (~heee~)
Anyway, go check out Rachel's blog and see some of the gorgeousness she's crafted over at her Etsy Store.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ending With Satisfaction

So, last night, I decided to do some work Saner Sister had asked me to do a couple of months ago (and I kept putting off... SUCH a good procrastinator). An acquaintance of hers from work had had one of those elastic "one size fits (not really!) all" rings with a cute little owl for the focal. Well... it broke.  Saner Sister said she'd ask if I could fix it or repurpose it.  Her friend was fine with either. It was just the owl she wanted.

Y'know... it's hard making something for someone you know nothing about.  When we did the earring swap awhile back, I was worried but at least I had some hint as to style and likes from them. Both because I checked their blog sites and because I asked.

And therein lies the key.  I asked!  I should have checked with Saner Sister before I began repurposing the owl.  See, I had this.... well.... I'm not sure what it was (besides given to me with a bunch of other stuff) but it looks like a fake slice of large animal horn or some such in my can't-use-it-now-maybe-inspiration-will-strike-later box.  I tho't it would look cool if I wired the owl to it and added a couple of dangles below.  It actually does!  A bit rustic and like the owl is sitting in front of the doorway to his tree.

Then I showed Saner Sister.  And found out her acquaintance only likes girly, silver jewelry. Not the rustic look I had managed.


Should'a checked, 1st, before getting all enthusiastic and creative.

Since I don't get a lot of creative time (I have a full time job and don't always get into my craft room when I do get home) I decided to end the evening on an up note (or I'd have to throw myself off the retaining wall and into the sump behind our house... just... ew!)  Since I really didn't like that option, I went ahead and made a couple pairs of earrings.  The dressier pair were to go with a necklace I had made some time earlier but hadn't included earrings at the time.  Here they are.


full length view of
necklace & earrings

close up of tassel (whiter than 1st shot makes it seem)

full view of earrings

close up of tops

close up of dangles/tassels

fun(ky) dragonfly earrings
repurposed from an old
bracelet that had these done
in different colors

close up of hand-painted dragonflies on glass beads
while the dragonflies "matched" other bead colors,
not a single bead in the original bracelet had a "match"

the flowers were repurposed from an elastic
ring that broke... and the dangles don't exactly
match, either... I'm so clever! (snerk)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Objects & Elements & Ideas!!!

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Last week I received notice I had won one of the Stash give aways over at Objects and Elements. I emailed my address to Linda and silliness ensued.  Seems Linda and I are clipped from the same string of beads!  We finally concluded it was best that we lived about 2 1/2 states away from each other.  Our respective cities couldn't handle the two of us if we ever got together. (snerk!)  I do think, however, I may have to break down and buy wire from her store because the only places here are Michael's (not reeeeal good for what I'm trying to do) and Lowe's (good wire, not always in the right guage).  Plus, I really like what I see HER doing with wire on her blog and want to try it my-own-self! (praise to the Master Metalist!)

just a small part of what was sent...
what can YOU spot in the mix?
Anyway, when I got home from work last night, I found this package waiting for me with the name on the return label reading "Objects and Elements" and, WOOO did I get happy!  I ripped it open and proceeded to dig thru it to see what might be in it.  Now, I have to say (and they send a note telling you, too) not everything is something I would consider usable. But I didn't dump any of it, either. Just because I don't consider it usable NOW doesn't mean I won't later.  And it was a pretty hefty haul.  Here's a shot of just some of what I received (it was all dumped into my can't-use-it-now-maybe-inspiration-will-strike-later box and I had to dig what I wanted to share back out... plus, I couldn't find the itty bitty things that mixed into the box)

close up of a few items I want to use
 This shot to the left shows several items I have plans for.  Now, the button on the lower right of the shot is from my stash, but it begged and begged to be a part of this group until I caved.  I have ideas roiling about in my mind but nothing has settled in coherently, yet.  My poly-clay is hollering, too. It's making noises about bird buttons or some such so it may have to be added in, as well. (don't want anything mad at me and blocking the Muse, y'know)

Anyway, we'll see what finally falls out of my brain and onto my craft table.  Hopefully, soon.  That cage, especially, is barking at me.

(sit, uooboo. sit!)