Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Patriotic Poetry

I received so many positive comments on the poem I used to inspire my jewelry for the Challenge of Literature that I'm thinking either, a) there are a lot of folks with military members in their family, b) a lot of folks really do support our military - both active and Vets - or, c) both a & b.  I'm going with c).  (hee) 

I tho't I'd give you all a link to a site where I publish a lot of my writings, poetry included, so that if anyone wishes to, they can read more of my military poems.  All are intended to convey gratitude to our service men & women and, in some cases, what I imagine their mind-set might be.  Please understand, I would never presume to speak for anyone. These are merely my words of appreciation as well as what I've gleaned over the years from the military personnel, active or retired, that I've interacted with as well as their families. (plus, I'm sure my retired Air Force cousin would have something to say if I stepped out of line! HA!)

Again, a HUGE thank you to all our active Military as well as our Vets.

We can never say it enough.

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