Thursday, June 14, 2012


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Okay, okay, it's not a tool box of death.  But you might kill to get one and there isn't another like it on this Earth!
Beadalon Beading Station
found at Amazon
The idea came from this beading station by Beadalon. I tho't it was totally cool and wanted it (I have more tools than places to put them!) 
Well!  It just so happens there's a lady in my church who's the craftiest of crafty ladies.  She can see a picture, sit and ponder it for awhile and eventually figure out how to make it.  Or something like it. She sews. She crochets. She tiles her own floor. She paints. She works with wood. I don't think there's anything she can't do if she wants.  Call her a crafting savant.
So I went to her with the picture you see above and asked her if she could possibly make me something similar. 

Did I mention she's a crafting savant?

A shelf with holes for my tools,
holes drilled in the ends for the tinier tools
(i.e., my wire smoother... don't remember what it's called)
Are you Jealous, yet? (you will be!)

Yeah, here's what she made for me based on the original.  Be jealous! You can buy the original at Amazon (link below the pic) but you'll never get one as cool as mine with it's cool tool holes and other adjustments she made. (and it's bigger, nyah!)  She moved the wire dowl to the top (as you can see) and made it a giant screw. There's a nut on the end so I can keep it fixed in place until I'm ready to add or remove wire rolls. 

I love my new tool box of death!

Plenty of space beneath as well as above
I could also use the dowl the stringing wire's
on for more tools if I so chose. Room to change and grow!

See the nut on the end? Below the
lamp clasp? Yeah, I can undo that
to add/remove stringing wire. MUCH
more secure that way!

See how she added a shelf and drilled
various size holes for my tools? LOVE
that so much more than the original from Beadalon.
Admit it, you're jealous!! (stop drooling on your keyboard!)

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