Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Definition of SPOILED

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Anyone care to guess what this is??
That's right. This is a close up of THE MOST SPOILED DOG in the world.  Before this dog, my mom only tolerated pets because she wanted Saner Sister and I to have the experience of good pets in our lives.  Before THIS dog, she never allowed dogs on the furniture (not that that ever stopped a determined one, right?)  Before THIS DOG, my mom rarely spoiled, let alone "talked" to them (altho' my true doggie luv, Beau, softened her up). 
Jackson Kramer is something else, again (yes, he was named for the Seinfeld character... yes, it was because of how he would enter the room....)  Let me just say, if you see a dog (on t.v., in a magazine, in an add, on a calendar) and decide THIS is the breed for YOU! (whichever breed that is) research the dog, 1st. No, really. Google it, check him out on Dog 101, the AKC web site, SOMEwhere you need to look at that type of dog's temperament, need for exercise, health issues (if any... i.e., bulldogs need veterinary help for their breeding/birthing) attitude around kids, and anything else that you might need to know. FOR example:  Jack was actually bought for Dad. He's a Weimaraner and you've likely seen his breed type in calendars. The photographer owns several and dresses them in human clothes and puts them in silly and/or human poses. 
Yeah, those dogs.
Weimers are great dogs, but there's a problem. We didn't check out Jack's breed before buying.  Weimer's are also as smart as your average 10 year old child. It's true. Also, if you do ANYthing one time with a Weimer it's considered "routine." 
"What? You did it yesterday at 5 o'clock. Why can't I have another snack today? It's after 5 o'clock!"
I kid you not.
AND, you'll never go the bathroom or take a shower alone again. The Weim will stand at a closed door and whine.  A sort of groan/whine meant to make you feel like dirt for leaving him on the outside of that door. That's genetic to their breed. They MUST be around their people at all times. Talk about dependency issues! Plus they "talk" to you.  Jack has a tendency, if he doesn't like what Saner Sister or I say, to "yawn" at us. Loudly. Sometimes with syllables. (didn't know a yawn had syllables, did you?)
And they're nosy. Into EVERYthing they can get into.  Or chew on (shoes, socks, nylons, hand towels and underpants are NOT safe! In fact, investing in ipecac is a good idea with these dogs!)

Spoiled Defined
Notice the cover she put on the couch for him?
 However, once they decide to love you, they never quit (altho' I've never met a dog who could hold a grudge like Jack can... I don't know if that's ingrained in the breed or just his personality ~yay, us!~)  When we brough Jack home AAAALLL those years ago (he was 3 months old at the time) he looked around our family and decided Mom would be His Person.  He's had her wrapped ever since.  It's taken all Saner Sister and I can do to convince Mom NOT to be an enabler. (doesn't always work) But we all love that Gray Rat, even in spite of all we learned the hard way.  And, yes, we'd likely get another Weimer when Jack goes to Doggie Heaven. (altho' I'm holding out for a German Shepherd)
Anyway, go here to read a post I did about the Gray Rat on an old blog of mine (I don't use it anymore, but I've kept it open for the work I've already done)

So share something you've had to learn the hard way about your pet.


  1. Hi Pam,
    Ah that is so sweet that Jackson loves your Mom so and that her heart melted for him. I have a Chihuahua mix his name is Chewy Jr. I got him in April he was 3 months old. Well it did not take long before my Mom's, who was a lot like yours when it came to animals, heart melted for the little guy.

  2. I have a SPOILED dog too :) and 2 spoiled cats.. but hey why not :)