Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ending With Satisfaction

So, last night, I decided to do some work Saner Sister had asked me to do a couple of months ago (and I kept putting off... SUCH a good procrastinator). An acquaintance of hers from work had had one of those elastic "one size fits (not really!) all" rings with a cute little owl for the focal. Well... it broke.  Saner Sister said she'd ask if I could fix it or repurpose it.  Her friend was fine with either. It was just the owl she wanted.

Y'know... it's hard making something for someone you know nothing about.  When we did the earring swap awhile back, I was worried but at least I had some hint as to style and likes from them. Both because I checked their blog sites and because I asked.

And therein lies the key.  I asked!  I should have checked with Saner Sister before I began repurposing the owl.  See, I had this.... well.... I'm not sure what it was (besides given to me with a bunch of other stuff) but it looks like a fake slice of large animal horn or some such in my can't-use-it-now-maybe-inspiration-will-strike-later box.  I tho't it would look cool if I wired the owl to it and added a couple of dangles below.  It actually does!  A bit rustic and like the owl is sitting in front of the doorway to his tree.

Then I showed Saner Sister.  And found out her acquaintance only likes girly, silver jewelry. Not the rustic look I had managed.


Should'a checked, 1st, before getting all enthusiastic and creative.

Since I don't get a lot of creative time (I have a full time job and don't always get into my craft room when I do get home) I decided to end the evening on an up note (or I'd have to throw myself off the retaining wall and into the sump behind our house... just... ew!)  Since I really didn't like that option, I went ahead and made a couple pairs of earrings.  The dressier pair were to go with a necklace I had made some time earlier but hadn't included earrings at the time.  Here they are.


full length view of
necklace & earrings

close up of tassel (whiter than 1st shot makes it seem)

full view of earrings

close up of tops

close up of dangles/tassels

fun(ky) dragonfly earrings
repurposed from an old
bracelet that had these done
in different colors

close up of hand-painted dragonflies on glass beads
while the dragonflies "matched" other bead colors,
not a single bead in the original bracelet had a "match"

the flowers were repurposed from an elastic
ring that broke... and the dangles don't exactly
match, either... I'm so clever! (snerk)

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