Thursday, June 7, 2012

Phantom Blog Hop

After some tho't about the complexities of being a blog hop hostess, I have decided to give it my best shot!   I have had The Phantom of the Opera rolling around in my brain for the last week (I blame Erin and her Challenge of Literature blog hop).  Anyway, I've decided to offer a challenge of my own and it will be around... yup, you guessed it ...The Phantom of the Opera.

Here are the rules (and if someone with more knowledge of hops than me has a suggestion, please feel free to contact me):

1) Choose a song from the Opera to create your piece of jewelry around.  It can be any song, just be sure you tell us which song it is when you reveal your creation and why you chose that one.

2) You can include the mask and/or rose in your piece, but you can't make it the only focus.  That's too easy.  This is meant to streatch and challenge us.

3) The reveal date will be August 31st.  Yes, that's a ways out, but I also know a number of you have shows and such you're participating in during the summer months.  I wanted to give you enough time so that as many of you as wanted could participate without getting too bogged down.

4)  Have fun. This is a must!  Play the Opera for inspiration as you work and have fun. It doesn't matter if you're inspired by the movie version or the Broadway version (I, myself, am particular to the stage play where Davis Gaines played the Phantom ~sigh~)

Feel free to contact me with any questions (or suggestions) you may have. 

Looking forward to seeing who plans to join in. Until then, remember, "the PHAAAAAntom of the Opera is theeeere, Inside your mind!"

I meant to make it known, if you want to join but don't have a blog of your own, there are two options:
1) you can email me the pics of your project and I'll add them to my blog
2) if you have a FB page that's public, you can give me the URL to that and I'll post it to my blog on the reveal date.


  1. I'm not sure where to sign up, here or on your FB Fan page, but I'll post to both because I am sooooo in! I LOVE Phantom! Now... where are those CD's... LOL Can't wait to see what I come up with, as well as everyone else! =)

  2. Hi Pam,
    Sounds fun sign me up please! I have to find the soundtract and listen to the songs again it has been a minute since I have heard them.

  3. Count me in. My blog is My fb page is My name is Dyanne aka Dee.

  4. I'm in, even though I've never seen "Phantom" in any form :) Gives me a reason to take an afternoon and be inspired!
    My blog is:

  5. Count me in as well! I would love to be a part of this challenge :)
    Dana Lang


  6. I have thought and debated with myself...take on another challenge or not....I have decided I am IN!! I love the Phantom and this does sound really fun and exciting.
    Sonya Stille

  7. Sign me up!

  8. I'll try it too - that's a great amount of time for me since it's so crazy in the summer. My blog is and facebook is SueBeads and Susan Kennedy.

  9. I was just listening to the phantom not too long ago and left the movie on in my DVD player while working. I will GLADLY repeat all of that!! Sign me up!! :-D Great call on the phantom theme!! LOVE IT!!! Was raised on the theatrical with Michael Crawford! He'll always be my fav!

  10. Please sign me up!

  11. I'ld love to take part of this!! Sounds great and it's a good reason to watch again the movie!!

  12. I'd love to join! Please sign me in!