Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Objects & Elements & Ideas!!!

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Last week I received notice I had won one of the Stash give aways over at Objects and Elements. I emailed my address to Linda and silliness ensued.  Seems Linda and I are clipped from the same string of beads!  We finally concluded it was best that we lived about 2 1/2 states away from each other.  Our respective cities couldn't handle the two of us if we ever got together. (snerk!)  I do think, however, I may have to break down and buy wire from her store because the only places here are Michael's (not reeeeal good for what I'm trying to do) and Lowe's (good wire, not always in the right guage).  Plus, I really like what I see HER doing with wire on her blog and want to try it my-own-self! (praise to the Master Metalist!)

just a small part of what was sent...
what can YOU spot in the mix?
Anyway, when I got home from work last night, I found this package waiting for me with the name on the return label reading "Objects and Elements" and, WOOO did I get happy!  I ripped it open and proceeded to dig thru it to see what might be in it.  Now, I have to say (and they send a note telling you, too) not everything is something I would consider usable. But I didn't dump any of it, either. Just because I don't consider it usable NOW doesn't mean I won't later.  And it was a pretty hefty haul.  Here's a shot of just some of what I received (it was all dumped into my can't-use-it-now-maybe-inspiration-will-strike-later box and I had to dig what I wanted to share back out... plus, I couldn't find the itty bitty things that mixed into the box)

close up of a few items I want to use
 This shot to the left shows several items I have plans for.  Now, the button on the lower right of the shot is from my stash, but it begged and begged to be a part of this group until I caved.  I have ideas roiling about in my mind but nothing has settled in coherently, yet.  My poly-clay is hollering, too. It's making noises about bird buttons or some such so it may have to be added in, as well. (don't want anything mad at me and blocking the Muse, y'know)

Anyway, we'll see what finally falls out of my brain and onto my craft table.  Hopefully, soon.  That cage, especially, is barking at me.

(sit, uooboo. sit!)


  1. Replies
    1. hee! I'm looking forward to silencing the "barking" when I figure out the design for all those elements in the 2nd pic!

  2. Hi Pam,
    Have fun playing with your new stuff!

    1. Oh, I will. I've been looking at pictures of birds to see which colors I want to try with my clay. (providing I don't get too crazy with "realism" vs. just cute!)