Monday, March 24, 2014

Vacation With Saner Sister & The Beast

 So, a couple of weekends ago, Saner Sister and I took "The Beast" (aka Zackery, or Z, or Toad... depending) over to Pismo/Avila Beach area. We stayed at the Sea Crest Motel in Pismo and they are a VERY pet friendly place! By the way, if you decide to stay there, call them direct! Do not use a booking agency. 1) They don't always have all the info you need; the booking agency I got (not realizing it wasn't the hotel itself...duh on me!) first tried to pull a bait-n-switch and get me into another hotel by telling me Sea Crest wasn't pet friendly (and had never been). When I called them on it, they gave me a song & dance about all the pet available rooms being completely booked. (hint: never lie to me when you want my business, I will hang up on you!) I decided to do more research (which included getting the Sea Crest's direct line... it's (805) 773-4608 or (888) 686-7103 to reach them) and found that ALL their rooms are pet friendly! 2) The booking agency doesn't always have the best price. When I called the hotel direct, I ended up saving $20.00 on the per-night price. Nice!

Suffice it to say, we all had a blast! It was only for a couple of days but it was worth it! Here are some pics of the Beast and his first road trip/vacation:

1st day: various tired out nap positions of The Beast: clockwist from top left,
on Saner Sister, still on her bed, in the car on the way TO Pismo, end of day two
he was hiding from the light I hadn't turned off yet, lying on his back and sacked out.
Clockwise from top left: 1st experience with kelp, he loved it; not
sure what all that big, cold wet is but it smells... and is cold; bouncing
around the sand chasing gulls; 1st time the water came up and hit him,
he caught air trying to get away from the cold, chasy thing!; watching
surfers off a pier in Avila... he wasn't sure what to think; meeting new
friends (goldens & a mixed breed); sitting on the pier at Avila; not too
sure of getting close to the foamy, cold, chasy stuff.
Clockwise, top left: checked in and first glimpse of the ocean for
The Beast; selfie w/The Beast & Saner Sister; (again on the pier
at Avila... sorry); still napping on Saner Sister; again with the
new friends (he really liked them); having a ball chasing gulls and
new friends; the look he gave me when I said we were going home.
Just a comparison of this giant puppy (who will be a year old
4/11) from when we brought him home at 2.5 months and when
he was asleep on Saner Sister at 11 months. Quite the change (sigh).
So, that was our vacation. Z had a ball and so did we. Now, back to the old grindstone.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Creative Spark E-Zine & Spring Challenge

A few weeks ago, I mentioned there was a surprise coming up. I may have mentioned beads and Znet Shows (I don't remember at this point) but there were (obviously) beads involved and they were from Znet as a part of a blind Spring Challenge (blind, as in I didn't know what beads I'd be working with until I opened the box they sent). Boy, what a box! It was crammed! It was packed! I got the box and giggled for at least twenty minutes.

A beautiful mix of Spring colors to work with



There were actually a lot more beads than this, and I made a whole bunch'a earrings, but only so many could be entered in the challenge. You see, they were going to be published in their E-Zine, Creative Spark. YES! ME! WOO HOO!! First time I've ever been published for my hobby. I love beads and I love getting free beads to create with. Znet Shows has some awesome beads to play/work with. Please, take a moment to go here to check out their 'zine (I'm featured starting on page 83) and feel free to enjoy the beautiful work of my teammate designers.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring Cleaning Challenge

I'm not sure what made me sign up for Sharyl McMillian-Nelson's Spring Cleaning Challenge for your studio but, I did. Sadly, I didn't finish my clean up. Here's what happened.

I am one of those who creates best in a creative mess. Honestly, it just seems to work for me. I didn't get a before shot of my "creative mess" but trust me when I say "mess" was being polite. Yeah. Bad. So I decided to roll up my sleeves and dig in. Oh, and, while I was at it, I was going to move things around. Yeah, that will get me finished EVER so much faster! Anyway, I did think to get a few pictures here and there, so let me share those!

Here's the "half-way" point. Notice the sunlight. Yeah. Anyway, it got a lot worse than this before it got better. That walk way to the left was filled with moved stuff before I got everything in place.

Here was the (nearly) completed and rearranged craft room. I actually managed to get the table cleared off later so there was a nice, clean surface to start over on. I have an area specifically for my torch work and clay (when I get braver) work. I have all those nice little drawer sets to put my papers, extra tools, ribbon, etc. in. I even reorganized my bookshelf to hold my wires, special beads and findings as well as books, drawing pads, & paints. Again, notice the (lack of) sunlight? Yeah, took that long. This was, for me, a day-long project. The procrastinator in me can't do bits and pieces over several days, it has to all be at once. If I don't, I can get distracted by all the things I "find" to play with. Remember that ADOS I've mentioned in other posts? Uh huh. (Attention Deficit Ooh! Shiny! for those of you who've not hear me mention it before). I don't think I've ever been so tired in. my. life!

Sadly, I didn't get a shot of the completely clean table top and, not long after, I began a new series of projects that required me to make a mess all over again. Here's what it looks like again (sorry, Sharyl, I know this wasn't exactly what you had mind):
When I'm working, even when I leave my table to return later (that day, another day, whatever) I leave out what I'm working on because, to me, why make the bed when you're getting right back in that night? Yep! I'm that bad! What I'm working on doesn't require everything that's sitting there, but what's sitting there might spark an idea so why fight it?!

Anyway, that's where my table is. The rest of the craft room is still pretty neat from my cleaning spree, but the table is, once again, on it's way to that "creative mess" so many of us live in. But, it's okay, they know us in this world ;)

Please go to Sharyl's page to check out everyone else's pages that participated in this Challenge. I'm sure they did much better at it than I.