Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sci-Fi Blog Hop

Whelp!  It's here.  Sadly, a couple of ladies had to bow out.  I'll take part of the blame for that since I didn't keep up notices about the hop to remind everyone.  I let things get in the way that, really, I could have worked around.  Still, we have a number who were able to participate (and even one or two who jumped in last minute! either they're enthusiastic or masochistic... guess we'll never know for certain! ~HA!~)

Anyway, here are my own offerings:

Skies over Jupiter:
From Anne McAffrey's Tower & Hive series... the Rowan's Tower is located on Jupiter's moon, Calisto.  The focal bead in this necklace is some type of banded agate that just made me think of ol' Jove and his many satellites.  There are pyrite nuggets to suggest the other moons in orbit around him and several crystal bicones to stand for the distant stars.

Deep Blue:
 Have you ever been looking for beads for something else and the ones you pick up just seem to fall into another piece of jewelry altogether?  Yeah, that's what happened here.  I picked up the blue dyed agate and they just sort of decided they wanted to be with the flat pearl beads. There was no reasoning with them a'tall! I thought, perhaps, it was the sort of necklace a water-witch might wear? I guess we'll have to ask Harry Potter if there are any he knows. ;)

Pectoral Shield:
This one was a sort of  "let's play and see what happens" necklace. I wanted to use some copper and fire and I cut, filed, folded, hammered, torched and sanded to my heart's content on this piece (altho' it's hard to tell in this shot, the copper has some really nice rose color to it). Then, I punched holes and wired on the center shield, flat pearls and small metal discs. I also added some faux amber bead dangles.  I think this is something one of Ra's lower personal slaves might have worn in the movie Star Gate.

And here are the artists who were able to join me for this jaunt. Please stop over and see what they created:
Pam (the Crazier Sister) ~ Hostess --- you are here

Shelly Graham Turner -

Denielle Hagerman -

Susan Bowie -

One more last minute entry (and, sorry, y'all. I'm home sick, today and have been in bed until now)
PyxeeStyx -
Please support these wonderful ladies with a quick visit to their sites.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sci-Fi Blog Hop

Okay, crafters of all walks of life! The Sci-Fi Blog Hop is this Thursday, the 31st.  I had a lot of interest expressed but only have a few who gave me name and blog addies.  If you're still interested in creating a piece of Science Fiction inspired jewelry, please feel free to join us. You can email me your name and link (FB page or blog page) by no later than Wednesday night (that's tomorrow, in case your head's in the clouds with creative thoughts) or link up to this blog via a response if you are the Empress of the Procrasti Nation (I'm only the Queen, after all... I'm sure there's an Empress out there somewhere!)
Here's who I have so far. Please check and make sure I have you down properly (name, site, etc.) and, if I've missed you (I may be the Queen, but I'm not perfect!) please let me know so I can correct the over sight!

Lennis C – (Lennis, I sent you an email, please let me know your blog site?)

Also, as mentioned in a previous post, here are the rules:
1) Any science fiction category is open (except erotica! sorry, none of that!), book, movie, t.v. show, ect.
2) You need to post a link SOMEwhere to show who/what your inspiration is (if it's a book and you don't have the author's personal web page, link to the book in or whichever bookstore carries that author on-line)
3) You really, really need either a blog or an open FB page (i.e., anyone can visit without being "friended"). If you just can't do that, email me and we'll talk! ;)
and, one new rule;
4) You can "name" your material to reflect your Sci-Fi inspiration, if you want (for example, my "jewels" are going to be coming from an aquatic planet in the Star Trek Universe) but, be a little imaginative. It drove me nuts in the movie Avatar that the mineral they were trying to get, which they had a hard time getting to, was called "Unobtainium."  I'm mean, come ON!  If you're smart enough to create a whole world, variety of life and culture, you can darn well come up with a better mineral name than that!!!
I've been working on my piece (mostly in my head, but it's coming about.... slowly!) and I hope y'all have been working over your's, too.  I'm excited to see what pops up.

As I said, if I missed you, or if this peaks your curiosity, please email me your name/blog/FB page and I'll add you to the list. After all, SOME of us work best under last-minute-screaming-dead-line pressure!

Monday, January 28, 2013


(faints.... then recovers and brushes self off)
Well, I am officially a "designer" of jewelry! (heheheeeehehe!)  Bill @ emailed me yesterday to let me know one of my necklaces officially made it into the Tuscon Bead & Button Show with them! (AAAAAHHHH!)
(imposes strict ~ if temporary ~ self control)
So, this is the necklace they chose from my designs:
Yes, I'm surprised and please and excited (only a bit) and dancing....
In fact, I got so excited, when I mailed the necklace out, it dawned on me AFTER I had mailed the box that I only attached a little "made by..." card to the necklace.  I comPLETEly forgot to tell Bill if I wanted him to sell it or return it or what (I don't mind a bit if someone wants to buy it!) and I forgot to send business cards. Guess what I'll be sending out tomorrow (won't have time to get them in today's mail... my lunch hour is over!).
Well, that's what happens when you're excited, sick and drugged (Dayquil!) and trying to mail something important. Bill! I will be emailing you tonight.  I do so hope you get the message!

And, what's been happening in your neck of the woods?

p.s., go to ZnetShows blog to see the other Chosen!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

ZNET Beads and Return Of The Muse

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Bill from asked me (along with a number of other jewelry makers) to test drive some of his sea glass.  As an added incentive, he told us their staff would be voting on the designs they liked best and asking us to send them to them for the Tuscon Bead & Button Show.  Is that exciting (and ego stoking) or what!?  Even if I'm not chosen (and I'm up against some stiff competition) just that fact they asked me to participate is flattering. Wow. Me!  And, I finally got to play with sea glass.  And what beauties Bill sent me, too.

Shots of the original package. SO much to play with!
The first design. Don't know why, but this is what the
beads seemed to want. Don't laugh, I know most of
you hear the beads talking, too!
These beads just begged for simplicity. They
refused all other pairings except what you see.
They can be stubborn as well as talkative!
Close up of the earrings from the previous shot.
They wanted to be called Sea Breezes.
My warped sense of humor kicked in
about here. I have a bunch of these glass
octopi from wine glass tabs and just KNEW
the sea critters needed to be paired with
the sea glass. Yes, my muse was giggling, too.
I used some of the small, round beads
for my Fishes & Loaves asymmetrical earrings
I also used wire wrapping for another set of fish for my
Fishes & Loaves series, but haven't decided how to use them,
yet. Probably necklace, but they quit talking to me abruptly.
Last, a lanyard/necklace. I designed the "hidden" latch
for my lanyards awhile back and you can go from work
to dinner after. Simply give a (gentle) tug and the magnate
will release and you can attach the other in it's place.
View with the name tag attached.
 So, that's what I did with the beauties Bill sent me.  I truly appreciate him not only letting me have this chance but for drawing my Muse out of her hiding place with these (she's as curious as me and couldn't stay hidden when these appeared).  Take a hop over the znetshow's facebook page and see what else they've got going on.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Designing With Sea Glass

I received an email back on January 9th from a man named Bill Zhang of ZNet Shows, Inc.  I had never heard of him or znet, that I recalled, and I very nearly deleted his email without opening it (I'm very leery of unsolicited emails since there are so many phishing scams and virus laden emails out there).  I'm glad to say, I didn't delete it!

Mr. Zhang asked me to be one of several designers to play with his most recently created Sea Glass and offered to send me a bead soup.  He also named Suzie of Ellie's Bijoux blog which I follow and that relieved my mind that this was a sincere and honest offer. So I said yes... then did the giggly version of the Happy Hamster Dance that I was going to be getting to play with some free beads. 

Well, Mr. Zhang did mail me the beads.  And I did receive them.  Unfortunately, I received them in the middle of trying to finish the forty-four pairs of earrings (which I'll show you later) my sister requested for our Ladies Retreat this past weekend so I haven't been able to do more than admire them in their package. And, now, I'm back at work in my Day Job. 

Oh, the beads he sent me?

They're blue. 

They're a GORGEOUS blue!

I'm rubbing my hands together in anticipatory glee of getting to play with them starting tonight.  Now, most of you know by this point, I'm an earring gal.  I love making earrings. I don't know for sure why I love making them, but I do.  However, Mr. Zhang sent me a HUGE bead soup and I want to do them justice so I'm going to have to design at least one necklace.  I promise to put pictures of everything up as I go.  The jewelry needs to be done (hopefully) before Thursday so I'll be working tonight and tomorrow night to get them done.  And I'll share the joy of them with you, too.

Thanks, Mr. Zhang, for this chance to play with your lovely beads!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lori's Memories & Thanks Blog Hop

When I saw Lori's post about a hop for her friend that allowed us to not only create jewelry in honor of those we love (living or passed on) as well as that the theme could use the color red... well!... I just knew I had to join.  My maternal grandmother, Mimi, passed away several years ago but we all knew her favorite color. Red. You know, like those old glass dishes that were red. Yeah. That.  Every time I'm in a store and I see red dishes or red glass accent pieces, I think of my Mimi. Shoot, more than half of her "junk" jewelry was red!  To this day I kick myself that I didn't think to as my Uncle Don if I could have a few of those pieces as mementos.

I'd also had this idea of some memory jewelry I wanted to make for my mom and her sisters (as well as my Uncle Don's wife as she helped to lovingly care for Mimi at the end of her life) but I haven't been able to do it, as yet. Still working out the logistics of it, but it involves using copies of their old love letters to each other (which are a HOOT to read because they are NOTHING like the grandparents I knew in their later years! haha!) and, possibly, some copies of their old photos (Mom has several).  Just... really... still chasing my Muse around.... (*pant*gasp*wheeze!*)

Anyway, I did manage to make a number of earrings, all red (except two pair that have a small splash of a different color) that I am glad to be able to share with you. I just know my Mimi would have loved them. Mom has already claimed a pair and I'm going to see if the Aunts would like to have a pair as well (above and beside what I'm still planning/working on for them).

Without further ado, I give you my tribute to Mimi:

The top left is called Fruit on the Vine and the beads and bead cap are
strung on copper wire which was hammered into paddles to hold them into place
The top right are called Tears of the Forbidden Fruit (I was feeling poetic) and
are dragon's blood briolets wire wrapped to dangle from a necklace link into
which I wire wrapped a red glass bead using hematite colored 22g wire

These are cranberry colored beads (been in my stash awhile!) and the bead
caps are ones I made myself (SO proud of me!) using my new disc cutter
I received for Christmas (thanks, Santa!) Top left, Cranberry Florets. I
used some chartruse/yellow flower beads I'd received in Lori's last Bead
Soup hop.  Top right is Cranberry Offerings. They just looked like a
giant berry on a dish that the ancient version of "The Littles" might have
offered to their gods. (I believe I said I was feeling poetic!)
Final Set... Top left, Silver Paths. I just played with some soft, silver colored
aluminum wire I had and made a sort of "pathway" for the beads and finished
by hammering the ends into paddles. MUCH easier to hammer than the copper
wire in the first picture!  Top right is Caged Hearts. You can't really see it in
the picture, but there's a red glass bead inside the "cage" below the floral looking
bead cap. I also decided to add a little pop of color that wasn't red (or any variation
thereof) so this one has a little pop of blue in with it.

So, there you have it, my contribution to Lori's wonderful idea for a hop. I kind of think Mimi would have taken the Fruit on the Vine earrings, those bottom glass beads were just the kind of red glass she loved (but, she might have surprised me!).  Mom, on the other hand, has claimed the Tears earrings (we short necked women don't usually wear long dangles, they catch on our clothes!) and I'm going to pass photos on for the Aunts to choose from the others, if they like.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flapping Chickens And Soaring Eagles

Great Aunt Gertie's Garters, I'm gonna go crazy(-er than normal)!

Our church is hosting our annual Ladies Retreat and the theme this year is Flapping Chickens & Soaring Eagles.  Now, those of you who read your Bible are, I'm sure, familiar with the verse in the book of Isaiah that says "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles," but I'm not familiar with anywhere in the Bible that mentions chickens, flapping or otherwise. Are you? Anyone? No? Well, it's usually Saner Sister that comes up with our themes and I'm not sure if it's due to a moment of being "infected" by my Crazy virus, a desire to see if she can stump our guest speaker, or just a reeeeeeally warped sense of humor, but they all are doozies! (maybe a little of all three?)

Any-hoo! We usually have several door prizes to give away as well as some sort of theme-centered gift that we give each lady. This year, Saner Sister has decided to make use of my jewelry making skills and have me create earrings with beads she found on Fire Mountain Gems. I'll be the first to admit they're adorable but I wish she'd given me more time.  What? Oh! Well, our Ladies Retreat is NEXT. WEEK!  That's right, Friday & Saturday, the 18th & 19th.  I have to make FORTY-TWO (that's 42!) pairs of earrings by then. I haven't even managed to locate my Muse, let-alone duct tape her to a wall in my craft room yet and Saner Sister wants earrings?!?  Well, I can do it.  I will do it! Again, though, I just wish I had more time.  We ordered the beads last night and made it 2-3 day shipping so they should (I hope!) get here no later than Saturday. Plus getting the ear wires, head pins and any li'l extras that I may not have to hand to spice them up. That gives me a week to get them done. (AAAAHHH! PRESSURE!!!  ... well, I do work better under a deadline that's looming, so these earrings should totally rock!)

Oh, the beads?  Here's a pic of what they look like:

Yes! They're chickens! How cute is that!?
Saner Sister found them on this page of FMG.
So, that's going to be my weekend and next week. I have a feeling I'm going to feel like those flapping chickens before I'm done rather than a soaring eagle (~snerk~).

And, what are your plans?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Missing In Action....

Wow.  So, first of all, sorry to all my readers and followers.  I let Life & Things just get in the way the last couple of months! (whew!)  I'm the choir leader for the Ladies choir in our church, which is no small task when you've only got a background in music but not in choral directing, and we were working on the music (a cantata) we'd be singing for Christmas.  Needless to say, by mid-November I was a HUGE bundle of nerves and clenched toes!  In fact, at one point, I was threatening to begin burying bodies if people either weren't there for cantata Sunday or if their teachers (we have high schoolers in the choir, too) didn't stop keeping them away from practise!  I work out around farmland and vineyards.  It's not that hard to hide them! (I kid!!!)

Well, by the grace of God, we managed to pull of several intensive practises and the ladies ALL did a TERRIFIC job on cantata Sunday. I was so proud of them, the hard work they all put in, the amazing singing they produced, and for putting up with me for the last two months! (*wink*)

However, after all that, I was in something of a fugue.  My creative muse had gone into hiding (afraid, I think, that I might bury her with the other threatened bodies!) and I had no desire to do more that buy beads, never mind create.  Also, however, I got some cool jewelry making toys for Christmas so my muse hasn't deserted me completely.  I received a disc cutter (and I'm eyeballing another that cuts slightly larger to beg for my birthday which is coming up) and a metal stamping set and immediately set about banging, cutting and stamping! (fire was used, as well)  So far, I've made a pair of earrings (which I'll add the pictures of later, I was so excited I forgot to take any!) and four bead caps. WOO HOO! 

I also know I have a blog hop, being hosted by Lori Anderson, for the 12th of this month so I'm going to have to drag that muse back out of hiding and duct tape her to a chair!  Fortunately, I'd already had an idea of what I wanted to do for this hop long before there actually WAS a hop (yes, there's a story, but too long for this post) so I'll have something in time for the hop, I promise, Lori!

NOW! For those worrying and wondering if we're still having a Sci-Fi blog hop this month. Yes! We are! (don't you remember, I've said I'm the Queen of the Procrati Nation miltiple times now)  So, for those of you Sci-Fi Hopping with me, here are some of the rules:

1) Any science fiction category is open (except erotica! sorry, none of that!), book, movie, t.v. show, ect.
2) You need to post a link SOMEwhere to show who/what your inspiration is (if it's a book and you don't have the author's personal web page, link to the book in or whichever bookstore carries that author on-line)
3) You really, really need either a blog or an open FB page (i.e., anyone can visit without being "friended"). If you just can't do that, email me and we'll talk! ;)
4) I've extended the date slightly... the reveal was going to be on my birthday, the 24th, but (since I'm so good at the procrastinating thing) I've set it back to the 31st just to give those who forgot they were wanting to join in the time to make their piece.

So, them's the rules.  Any questions, feel free to email me or leave a comment.  Hopefully, I'll be back on top of things and getting my postings back on track.

Now... were's that Muse hiding....? 0_o*