Friday, February 21, 2014

We're All Ears February Design

Oh, no! I almost (well, I did) forgot about Kristi Bowman's February Earring Challenge! I won't make excuses and I'll apologize that I only have the one photo of my earrings. I decided to go with the Damsel Flys as my buggy inspiration. That, and I'm currently having a crush affair with Ancient Egypt so I decided to try something "scarab-y" looking. I know there was only the faaaaaaaintest touch of yellow in the picture Kristi gave us, but my scarabs (such as they are) have yellow bodies, copper "wings" and flower bead caps for the heads. The blue bead is an accent and because it's the closest thing I have to lapis in my hoard. Go here to check out Kristi's design (and inspiration photo) and see what everyone else has done. (and, next month, I'll try to stay on top of it... and more pics!)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

First Forays

One of the blogs I follow is Carmi Cimicata at Resin Crafts blog. I love seeing all the things she can make with products from Enviortex. Mostly, she creates with their resin but they've recently come out with a new product called Jewelry Clay. You mix the two part clay together and you can use it for just about anything, like, oh, say, attaching two (or more) pieces together. Which is what I did here.

I saw a suggestion (article? don't remember, now! with my luck it was probably one of Carmi's posts!) about using the BIG, glamorous, flamboyant buttons from the sewing section to make cocktail rings. My last visit to Hobby Lobby yielded quite the button haul and I decided to take a small step into the Envirotex world (I'm still not brave enough to open the resin... chicken!) I was a little concerned at first because I didn't mix a large enough amount but I had no problems adding to it until I had the right amount. The button has a deep curve so I wanted to be sure the clay held it in place! I filled the ring bezel and had a good sized mound of the clay to press the button into. Per Carmi's suggestion, I then took some silver embossing powder I happened to have on hand and brushed it onto the bits of clay you can see underneath (pink arrows!) to help the clay blend with the ring and button. The clay sets after two hours so the ring is wearable after that, but I left it to cure overnight. Here's what I now have to wear on those occasions I'm feeling a bit more show-off-y:

Isn't that the coolest!  LERRRRRVE IIIIIT!!   So, folks, get a little brave, try something new, and let me know how it turns out. (I plan to try more of this! Must get more ring blanks!)  New skills are great to add to your collection of know-how. And check Carmi's blog for further knowledge.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Creative Challenge Answer - Teeth

Today is the reveal for the Creative Writing Challenge in my previous post. I hope many of you will join me with links to your Creative Writing blog or FB Page but, if not, I still have a Creative Writing post to share. The prompt was/is the photo of the teeth ring above. Here's mine: (no title, yet)

Hands on hips, Jayda surveyed the sight around her. Signs of carnage were everywhere; splintered chairs, upended tables, shattered glass, and people listing against walls for support as they gazed around in blank confusion through swollen eyes. Several of those doing the listing had split lips and swollen or, in two cases, broken jaws. Blood, teeth, and other bodily fluids were sprayed about in a disgusting mural of violence.

With a sigh Jayda stepped fully into the bar. She'd never understand why humans thought getting drunk and maiming one another was considered a fun time but she had a clean up job to do. Moving carefully, she began picking up the teeth lying in various spots around the room. Some were in easy to reach places, others she had to crawl under, over, or around obstacles to reach. She even looked up at one point, having learned long ago that teeth could get into very strange places. Sure enough, one was stuck in a ceiling tile. A cynical smile tilted her lips when she saw it. She'd love to know how that had happened.

With a slight shrug a pair of nearly translucent wings unfurled from her back. She wasn't overly concerned about the remaining humans seeing her as she lifted off the ground to retrieve the errant tooth. They were still drunk enough, or concussed enough from the fight, they'd refuse to believe what they saw as more than an hallucination.

Besides, it was her job to collect all the teeth so they could be used in their jewelry designs. What else would a Tooth Fairy use in barter, after all?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Creative Challenge To All

Bet'cher wondering what THIS is all about!  Welp! I've been reading, lately, on several of the blogs I follow (as well as number of FB pal's pages) that there is a dearth of creativity. Mental blockage has occured. The Muse has gone on vacation. The heart rending question of "what do YOU do to counteract this inspirational drought?" has popped up everywhere. Well, here's what you do; something else.

No, really, something else that exercises your creative muscles, but has nothing to do with your normal creative exercises, will (usually) bring the inspirational rains. Draw. Do some Creative Writing (with a limit on # of words). Play an instrument (that's usually soothing). Take photographs of odd things you wouldn't normally take. Dance.

Here's my contribution and a Challenge to all who read this: this week, you must write a short story about the above pictured ring and post it to your blog. Here are the rules; 1) no more that 250 words. Period (I will count!)  2) It can be any genre of creative writing you want except erotica (this is a family friendly blog, keep it G or PG).  3) You must post it to your blog or FB page by Friday, the 7th of February (yes, short time frame, but it kick-starts the inspirations). 4) You may put a link to your blog or FB page in the comments section of this post for us to follow and read.

That's it! Hope y'all take up the challenge. I'll do the same and we'll see what the Muse inspires. Have fun! And see you Friday Evening for the Creative Writing Reveal!