Friday, February 7, 2014

Creative Challenge Answer - Teeth

Today is the reveal for the Creative Writing Challenge in my previous post. I hope many of you will join me with links to your Creative Writing blog or FB Page but, if not, I still have a Creative Writing post to share. The prompt was/is the photo of the teeth ring above. Here's mine: (no title, yet)

Hands on hips, Jayda surveyed the sight around her. Signs of carnage were everywhere; splintered chairs, upended tables, shattered glass, and people listing against walls for support as they gazed around in blank confusion through swollen eyes. Several of those doing the listing had split lips and swollen or, in two cases, broken jaws. Blood, teeth, and other bodily fluids were sprayed about in a disgusting mural of violence.

With a sigh Jayda stepped fully into the bar. She'd never understand why humans thought getting drunk and maiming one another was considered a fun time but she had a clean up job to do. Moving carefully, she began picking up the teeth lying in various spots around the room. Some were in easy to reach places, others she had to crawl under, over, or around obstacles to reach. She even looked up at one point, having learned long ago that teeth could get into very strange places. Sure enough, one was stuck in a ceiling tile. A cynical smile tilted her lips when she saw it. She'd love to know how that had happened.

With a slight shrug a pair of nearly translucent wings unfurled from her back. She wasn't overly concerned about the remaining humans seeing her as she lifted off the ground to retrieve the errant tooth. They were still drunk enough, or concussed enough from the fight, they'd refuse to believe what they saw as more than an hallucination.

Besides, it was her job to collect all the teeth so they could be used in their jewelry designs. What else would a Tooth Fairy use in barter, after all?


  1. Great story Pam. Got a kick out of both using a bar theme.

  2. Great story Pam, It would make an interesting book.