Friday, December 5, 2014

Still Here... And now, Writing Creativity

Well! It seems I can't be creative in my bead/jewelry crafting studio at the moment. My dog is still ALL puppy and he STILL thinks I'm his Momma. He saves up all his energy all day (I kid you not, Mr. Mellow all morning and most of the afternoon) and then gets pie-eyed crazy when I come home. He needs a walk, he needs to play, he needs my attention even if he doesn't want to do anything more than chew on his Soothie. I turn my back for even 5 minutes and someone is hollering for me to "come get [my] dog!"

That said, I've decided to go a slightly different creative route. Those who have seen my poetry know I enjoy writing. I also love trying to write stories but I'm not so great at it. I can do short stories - you know, 300 words or less kind of thing - but it's harder when you start talking novel-length stories. But I want to try. And I've got a pretty cool story in the works. It's inspired by an acquaintance who is a retired Veteran (you know how I feel about our Vets, too!) and he and his wife are very much into the Steampunk genre, Aether Pendragon and his wife Dr. Steamy Brassington (she creates aMAYzing jewelry, among other things, and he makes contraptions!).

I've already got a short story I wrote on Dr. Brassy and I'm now calling it the Prologue to my story I'm working on about Aether and, I've decided, I want to share them with you. In part, because I've been gone so long and I don't want anyone thinking I've fallen off the edge of the World and, in part, because I can be creative and set it aside easily when I need to "come get your dog!" again. I'm going to try and do this at least once a month. I can't promise more than that right now until my dog is less clingy but also because I take forever to write things. I hand write it out, then I go put it on the computer (making adjustments as I go), then I re-read it and make more adjustment. It's really a never-ending process that I have to force myself to knock off so others can read, if they want to. Which brings me to the Prologue (formerly known as "The Brass Maker's Fire"). Enjoy!


Deep in the verdant forest sat a cottage of finely burnished wood and metals. The slated roof, covered in deep green moss, was slanted just enough to allow any rain to run off into the catch barrels placed strategically at each corner. Windows, now covered by shutters of a complementary wood and latched by patinaed copper forms, faced both North and South – a most auspicious placement for a Maker.

Within the cottage a Makeress sat before a Makers Fire concentrating on a gold nugget that floated in the air before her. Eyes the blue of a winter’s lake glowed with an inner fire of their own as an unfelt wind caressed her deep auburn curls while she studied the nugget. To her left sat a small tower made of Zebra wood and fine leather dyed a rich burgundy. Copper, brass, and steel gears showed through the glass encased sides of the tower but no clock face or other obvious reason for the gears was in evidence, yet the wear and grease on the cogs and teeth showed their constant use. To her right was a table with glass bottles of various sizes and holding a multi-hued assortment of liquids. Some carried a seal warning of their dangerous nature. Some had different pieces of metal hanging in their liquids which bubbled and frothed. Some had an extremely pungent aroma.

The Makeress gracefully lifted her right hand and cupped it just under the floating bit of gold without actually touching it. With her left hand she reached up to the leather band around her forehead and adjusted an eye piece, much like a jeweler’s loupe, down in front of her eye. It began to glow a luminous blue as she leaned forward to carefully examine the gold in detail. Satisfied, she nodded to herself and pushed the loupe away as the glow faded. Still graceful, she gestured with her left hand and the gold floated into the Makers Fire. The flames parted to accept the gold, closing about it and, at the Makeress’s further gesture, the flames turned from gold, to silver, to blue, before they settled to a deep, sunset orange with hints of red and black.

Chanting softly, the Makeress recited the Words of Calling with careful precision even as her hands sketched the Signs of Binding in the air between her and the Fire. To her left, the gears in the wood and glass tower began to move with smooth, silent efficiency. To her right, a beaker half filled with red liquid, and another with a burnished gold liquid, began to bubble with vigor. Still in her soft voice, she spoke the final words, gently made the final gesture, and a bell’s tones seemed to peel from the gear tower. At its musical, sustained tone the liquids bubbling within the two beakers shot out and into the Makers Fire. A roar resounded from the Fire’s depths, filling the room and rattling the glass on the table and in the tower before it faded away.

She gestured again and the Fires parted to reveal a transformed piece of gold. It now resembled a nobleman’s pocket watch except there seemed to be a deep hole in its center. Another gesture from her and a tongue of the Makers Fire gently bore it forward to leave it hanging before her eyes once more. The hole now showed what seemed to be a closed eye through it. With a satisfied smile the Makeress whispered. “Awake.”

The eyelid, a deep burnished orange, slowly blinked open and a red and black iris appeared. The pupil, slit like a cat’s eye – or a dragon’s – seemed to fluctuate before focusing on her, then a voice spoke.

“Who has Called me?” The voice was at once a deep, rich bass and a musically ringing soprano. So rich its tones seemed to vibrate in the Makeress’s very bones. The Makeress smiled again.

“I have, Ancient One. Our need is great and you are summoned to aide us in this time.”

The eye examined the woman.

“Only me? The need is not so great, then, and you are foolish to waken me.”

“No, Ancient One. Not you, alone. Many of your brothers and sisters have already been Called and I will Call many more. Will you aide us?”

“The choice is not mine to make.” The voice rumbled aggressively. “You have made the Calling and created the Binding. I must Answer.”

“Nay. I hold none against their will. Look. Look deep within and you will see those who chose to aide and those who refused.”

There was silence as the eye seemed to look inward for many long moments, then it focused on her once more with slightly less suspicion. “I can refuse?”

She nodded. “With no consequences to you or yours, Ancient One. There is a war coming. Not all can help, or even are willing to do so. I respect that. I only ask you hear before you decide.”

The eye considered her again before it replied. “Speak, then. Though I offer no great hope. This portal is too small for such as I to Pass Through.”

“You are not required in your Entire Being. Only the aide of your Sight is needed, if you will grant it.”

“It would take a strong mind and even stronger will to use the Sight summoned by such as I and my kin. Our visions are rarely a blessing and more of a curse. Nightmares.”

The Makeress’s smile widened. “Sightmares, we call them. Yes, we know. Many are in training to accept what you show and to learn how to understand and translate what is seen. Only the Wild Ancients have this great and terrible Power. We will learn or die.”

The eye appeared to smile. “I believe I like you, Little One. I am known as Orick the Feared. How are you called?”

“I am the Brass Maker.” And the Makeress’s smile filled with satisfaction as she placed the final Binding upon Orick.

© Copyright 2013 Pam Sears (UN: condorsfan at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Firsts - Attempts & Trips

So, I made my first attempt at forging a copper bracelet. I took some 6g copper wire, annealed it (as much as you can with a hand-held butane torch) and hammered the snot out of it (annealing as needed). I then hammered one area slightly wider than the rest so I could stamp words on it. Once that was complete, I worked and worked to bend a bracelet. I learned several things in this 1st attempt:
1) 6g wire is a bear to work with when it starts to harden. Anneal, anneal, anneal!
2) Having some sort of mandrel to curve &/or hammer your bracelet into shape is a must, you just end up with a fairly rough looking bangle otherwise (still, not too horrible, I wear it proudly!).
3) Use block letters to stamp when you want a long word or a sentence. Cutsie letters are fine for single or simple words, but not so much for a whole sentences.
4) It's gonna take time and effort to get what you're after so don't give up. It can be done, just not (usually) on the 1st try.

Here are a few photos of my first attempt:

As you can see, the lettering is hard to read as cutsie swirls. My next attempt will be block letters and I have a few ideas for getting them set where I want instead of just "eyeballing" it.  You can also see how rough the (non-)circle of the bangle is.

Another angle to show the wording and the rough look. I don't mind some "roughness" to my work but I want it to be deliberate, not because I haven't done a good enough job.
HOWEVER!!! In the second pic you'll notice an arrow pointing to a small, soldered area? YES!! I FINALLY WORKED UP THE NERVE TO DO MY FIRST SOLDER JOB!! WOO HOO! You should'a seen me doing the giggly version of the Happy Hamster Dance. Ooooorrrr, maybe not (HA!). ANYwho! I found some no-flux-needed copper solder at Lowe's (in a handy-dandy little syringe-type dispenser) and this is what I used. Obviously it doesn't look copper, but it's apparently for use with copper. I don't care. IT'S MY FIRST JOB! I'll admit, it's a bit rough looking, too, but I STILL DID IT! (giggles ensuing again)  I worked those two ends over until they were fairly smooth in bumping against each other, then I applied the paste and then the flame. This is a low-temp solder so my little butane torch was more than adequate. It did take me a couple of tries or so because I didn't let it heat enough to set (I got nervous) but it's solid, now. I've even tried pulling and tugging that area. Nope! Not coming apart.
So, being of a mind to continue in this vein, I have ordered my 1st mandrel from Amazon and I also ordered a pair of black, bending pliers. Supposedly they are good for shaping heavier metals for rings and bracelets. (yes, I'm afraid I'm a bit tool-mad at times!) If you'd like to see them, follow this link. They looked like a good idea to me so I'll give you a review on them once I've gotten them and tested them out.

Now, about the "& Trips"  part of my title. Saner Sister and I took The Toad on his first road trip over to the coast. We found out the Avila/Pismo area of California is quite pet friendly and, in some cases, beyond welcoming to your furry, four legged friend. The Toad had a ball. Saw his first hotel (Sea Crest in Pismo, for any interested parties, is one of the top places to stay in my opinion), then saw the ocean for the 1st time (wasn't sure what to think of that!) and met several other pooches out enjoying the surf. Wore. Him. OUT!  We also enjoyed eating at The Custom House in Avila. They have a patio area where we were able to sit with The Toad and they even have a PET MENU you can order from for your dog! Saner Sister & I laughed, then stopped laughing and ordered The Toad some hotdog (called "Who Let The Dogs Out") which sent him to Toad Dog Heaven. He was quite spoiled on that trip but he had a blast. Here's a few pics of his time over there:

Not sure what to think of it all. Top left, loved sniffing the kelp!
Center right, his first encounter with a wavelet. He was having
NONE of it! Meeting friends, of course.  Bottom right, watching
crazy humans on surf boards from the pier. Wasn't too crazy
about the pier walk. Wanted off that thing, now!
Top left, 1st glimpse of the ocean. Bottom row, having fun
chasing things (birds, waves, other dogs). Middle left,
the look he gave me the day I told him we were getting ready
to go home. Guess he liked getting spoiled being w/Momma
and Saner Sister all day, every day.
(Saner Sister tho't we'd better get in at least one pic w/the Toad, hence the selfie)  So, everyone had fun, The Toad and I got dunked at least once (a wave was higher than we tho't it was going to be) and everyone went home exhausted and happy. Now, back to the routine of the Evil Day Job, walking the Toad (and working on manners, he forgot those with his vacation!), and getting back into the craft room.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Vacation With Saner Sister & The Beast

 So, a couple of weekends ago, Saner Sister and I took "The Beast" (aka Zackery, or Z, or Toad... depending) over to Pismo/Avila Beach area. We stayed at the Sea Crest Motel in Pismo and they are a VERY pet friendly place! By the way, if you decide to stay there, call them direct! Do not use a booking agency. 1) They don't always have all the info you need; the booking agency I got (not realizing it wasn't the hotel itself...duh on me!) first tried to pull a bait-n-switch and get me into another hotel by telling me Sea Crest wasn't pet friendly (and had never been). When I called them on it, they gave me a song & dance about all the pet available rooms being completely booked. (hint: never lie to me when you want my business, I will hang up on you!) I decided to do more research (which included getting the Sea Crest's direct line... it's (805) 773-4608 or (888) 686-7103 to reach them) and found that ALL their rooms are pet friendly! 2) The booking agency doesn't always have the best price. When I called the hotel direct, I ended up saving $20.00 on the per-night price. Nice!

Suffice it to say, we all had a blast! It was only for a couple of days but it was worth it! Here are some pics of the Beast and his first road trip/vacation:

1st day: various tired out nap positions of The Beast: clockwist from top left,
on Saner Sister, still on her bed, in the car on the way TO Pismo, end of day two
he was hiding from the light I hadn't turned off yet, lying on his back and sacked out.
Clockwise from top left: 1st experience with kelp, he loved it; not
sure what all that big, cold wet is but it smells... and is cold; bouncing
around the sand chasing gulls; 1st time the water came up and hit him,
he caught air trying to get away from the cold, chasy thing!; watching
surfers off a pier in Avila... he wasn't sure what to think; meeting new
friends (goldens & a mixed breed); sitting on the pier at Avila; not too
sure of getting close to the foamy, cold, chasy stuff.
Clockwise, top left: checked in and first glimpse of the ocean for
The Beast; selfie w/The Beast & Saner Sister; (again on the pier
at Avila... sorry); still napping on Saner Sister; again with the
new friends (he really liked them); having a ball chasing gulls and
new friends; the look he gave me when I said we were going home.
Just a comparison of this giant puppy (who will be a year old
4/11) from when we brought him home at 2.5 months and when
he was asleep on Saner Sister at 11 months. Quite the change (sigh).
So, that was our vacation. Z had a ball and so did we. Now, back to the old grindstone.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Creative Spark E-Zine & Spring Challenge

A few weeks ago, I mentioned there was a surprise coming up. I may have mentioned beads and Znet Shows (I don't remember at this point) but there were (obviously) beads involved and they were from Znet as a part of a blind Spring Challenge (blind, as in I didn't know what beads I'd be working with until I opened the box they sent). Boy, what a box! It was crammed! It was packed! I got the box and giggled for at least twenty minutes.

A beautiful mix of Spring colors to work with



There were actually a lot more beads than this, and I made a whole bunch'a earrings, but only so many could be entered in the challenge. You see, they were going to be published in their E-Zine, Creative Spark. YES! ME! WOO HOO!! First time I've ever been published for my hobby. I love beads and I love getting free beads to create with. Znet Shows has some awesome beads to play/work with. Please, take a moment to go here to check out their 'zine (I'm featured starting on page 83) and feel free to enjoy the beautiful work of my teammate designers.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring Cleaning Challenge

I'm not sure what made me sign up for Sharyl McMillian-Nelson's Spring Cleaning Challenge for your studio but, I did. Sadly, I didn't finish my clean up. Here's what happened.

I am one of those who creates best in a creative mess. Honestly, it just seems to work for me. I didn't get a before shot of my "creative mess" but trust me when I say "mess" was being polite. Yeah. Bad. So I decided to roll up my sleeves and dig in. Oh, and, while I was at it, I was going to move things around. Yeah, that will get me finished EVER so much faster! Anyway, I did think to get a few pictures here and there, so let me share those!

Here's the "half-way" point. Notice the sunlight. Yeah. Anyway, it got a lot worse than this before it got better. That walk way to the left was filled with moved stuff before I got everything in place.

Here was the (nearly) completed and rearranged craft room. I actually managed to get the table cleared off later so there was a nice, clean surface to start over on. I have an area specifically for my torch work and clay (when I get braver) work. I have all those nice little drawer sets to put my papers, extra tools, ribbon, etc. in. I even reorganized my bookshelf to hold my wires, special beads and findings as well as books, drawing pads, & paints. Again, notice the (lack of) sunlight? Yeah, took that long. This was, for me, a day-long project. The procrastinator in me can't do bits and pieces over several days, it has to all be at once. If I don't, I can get distracted by all the things I "find" to play with. Remember that ADOS I've mentioned in other posts? Uh huh. (Attention Deficit Ooh! Shiny! for those of you who've not hear me mention it before). I don't think I've ever been so tired in. my. life!

Sadly, I didn't get a shot of the completely clean table top and, not long after, I began a new series of projects that required me to make a mess all over again. Here's what it looks like again (sorry, Sharyl, I know this wasn't exactly what you had mind):
When I'm working, even when I leave my table to return later (that day, another day, whatever) I leave out what I'm working on because, to me, why make the bed when you're getting right back in that night? Yep! I'm that bad! What I'm working on doesn't require everything that's sitting there, but what's sitting there might spark an idea so why fight it?!

Anyway, that's where my table is. The rest of the craft room is still pretty neat from my cleaning spree, but the table is, once again, on it's way to that "creative mess" so many of us live in. But, it's okay, they know us in this world ;)

Please go to Sharyl's page to check out everyone else's pages that participated in this Challenge. I'm sure they did much better at it than I.

Friday, February 21, 2014

We're All Ears February Design

Oh, no! I almost (well, I did) forgot about Kristi Bowman's February Earring Challenge! I won't make excuses and I'll apologize that I only have the one photo of my earrings. I decided to go with the Damsel Flys as my buggy inspiration. That, and I'm currently having a crush affair with Ancient Egypt so I decided to try something "scarab-y" looking. I know there was only the faaaaaaaintest touch of yellow in the picture Kristi gave us, but my scarabs (such as they are) have yellow bodies, copper "wings" and flower bead caps for the heads. The blue bead is an accent and because it's the closest thing I have to lapis in my hoard. Go here to check out Kristi's design (and inspiration photo) and see what everyone else has done. (and, next month, I'll try to stay on top of it... and more pics!)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

First Forays

One of the blogs I follow is Carmi Cimicata at Resin Crafts blog. I love seeing all the things she can make with products from Enviortex. Mostly, she creates with their resin but they've recently come out with a new product called Jewelry Clay. You mix the two part clay together and you can use it for just about anything, like, oh, say, attaching two (or more) pieces together. Which is what I did here.

I saw a suggestion (article? don't remember, now! with my luck it was probably one of Carmi's posts!) about using the BIG, glamorous, flamboyant buttons from the sewing section to make cocktail rings. My last visit to Hobby Lobby yielded quite the button haul and I decided to take a small step into the Envirotex world (I'm still not brave enough to open the resin... chicken!) I was a little concerned at first because I didn't mix a large enough amount but I had no problems adding to it until I had the right amount. The button has a deep curve so I wanted to be sure the clay held it in place! I filled the ring bezel and had a good sized mound of the clay to press the button into. Per Carmi's suggestion, I then took some silver embossing powder I happened to have on hand and brushed it onto the bits of clay you can see underneath (pink arrows!) to help the clay blend with the ring and button. The clay sets after two hours so the ring is wearable after that, but I left it to cure overnight. Here's what I now have to wear on those occasions I'm feeling a bit more show-off-y:

Isn't that the coolest!  LERRRRRVE IIIIIT!!   So, folks, get a little brave, try something new, and let me know how it turns out. (I plan to try more of this! Must get more ring blanks!)  New skills are great to add to your collection of know-how. And check Carmi's blog for further knowledge.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Creative Challenge Answer - Teeth

Today is the reveal for the Creative Writing Challenge in my previous post. I hope many of you will join me with links to your Creative Writing blog or FB Page but, if not, I still have a Creative Writing post to share. The prompt was/is the photo of the teeth ring above. Here's mine: (no title, yet)

Hands on hips, Jayda surveyed the sight around her. Signs of carnage were everywhere; splintered chairs, upended tables, shattered glass, and people listing against walls for support as they gazed around in blank confusion through swollen eyes. Several of those doing the listing had split lips and swollen or, in two cases, broken jaws. Blood, teeth, and other bodily fluids were sprayed about in a disgusting mural of violence.

With a sigh Jayda stepped fully into the bar. She'd never understand why humans thought getting drunk and maiming one another was considered a fun time but she had a clean up job to do. Moving carefully, she began picking up the teeth lying in various spots around the room. Some were in easy to reach places, others she had to crawl under, over, or around obstacles to reach. She even looked up at one point, having learned long ago that teeth could get into very strange places. Sure enough, one was stuck in a ceiling tile. A cynical smile tilted her lips when she saw it. She'd love to know how that had happened.

With a slight shrug a pair of nearly translucent wings unfurled from her back. She wasn't overly concerned about the remaining humans seeing her as she lifted off the ground to retrieve the errant tooth. They were still drunk enough, or concussed enough from the fight, they'd refuse to believe what they saw as more than an hallucination.

Besides, it was her job to collect all the teeth so they could be used in their jewelry designs. What else would a Tooth Fairy use in barter, after all?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Creative Challenge To All

Bet'cher wondering what THIS is all about!  Welp! I've been reading, lately, on several of the blogs I follow (as well as number of FB pal's pages) that there is a dearth of creativity. Mental blockage has occured. The Muse has gone on vacation. The heart rending question of "what do YOU do to counteract this inspirational drought?" has popped up everywhere. Well, here's what you do; something else.

No, really, something else that exercises your creative muscles, but has nothing to do with your normal creative exercises, will (usually) bring the inspirational rains. Draw. Do some Creative Writing (with a limit on # of words). Play an instrument (that's usually soothing). Take photographs of odd things you wouldn't normally take. Dance.

Here's my contribution and a Challenge to all who read this: this week, you must write a short story about the above pictured ring and post it to your blog. Here are the rules; 1) no more that 250 words. Period (I will count!)  2) It can be any genre of creative writing you want except erotica (this is a family friendly blog, keep it G or PG).  3) You must post it to your blog or FB page by Friday, the 7th of February (yes, short time frame, but it kick-starts the inspirations). 4) You may put a link to your blog or FB page in the comments section of this post for us to follow and read.

That's it! Hope y'all take up the challenge. I'll do the same and we'll see what the Muse inspires. Have fun! And see you Friday Evening for the Creative Writing Reveal!

Thursday, January 30, 2014


I did manage to get into my craft studio on Tuesday evening, but I didn't actually get anything done. Oh, I played. I learned that embossing powder won't "melt" onto metal (no matter how close you hold the heat gun) but the powder *will* go everywhere. My own, personal "Color Run" without the run! (hee) I looked at my jewelry clay from Envirotex Lite and pulled out some bezels and pictures to make jewelry... then chickened out... for now! I'll get back to it, I swear! Maybe I'll be braver tonight? If nothing else, I should pull out some of my copper wires and make headpins. I need more and I certainly enjoy the melting and making of them (it's the Pyro in me). So, no pics today, but maybe later? When I screw my courage back up to just jump in and DO IT instead of thinking too much.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Playing and Amusing the Muse

So, this weekend (I'm counting Friday night, here) I experimented with something new... well, new to me. Ice Enamels!  I really do like them! I have turquoise, a sort-of chartreuse green, and a clear/opalescent set of colors.

This first one is a steel washer I layered with turquoise, then added some small pieces of the chartreuse color and a teeeeeeensie bit of the opalescent (no, sorry, don't remember to precise names... I'll add 'em later)  I really like how this turned out. And I haven't done anything else to it, no resin topping or anything. Cool, no?

This one... well, it didn't work as well. I don't know if I got too excited, or just straight up too messy with my work, but it blotted in a few places on the wings and slid off around the dragonfly where it's attached to the shell casing.  Still, I think I may be able to do some clean up if I take my time with it. More experimentation is in order. Yes.

I'll keep you updated as I make further attempts.

What new things did YOU try this weekend, hm?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why Creative People Are A Puzzle To Others

I have, in my youth, been accused of being a "schizophrenic thinker" and I have to agree. If you have a conversation with me, we're going to chase conversational rabbits. We may start out talking about Mary Shelly's Frankenstein Monster and end up twenty minutes later discussing why Curly Joe was the best Globetrotter player over Meadowlark Lemon.  0_o*  HOW did we get from monsters to basketball? Because something was said that lead down one rabbet trail to another to another until we reached Curly Joe (which would, eventually, lead to Curly as the best of the 3 Stooges, ever! Just ignore Shemp and Joe - although I'll take Shemp over Joe any day... SEE?!?)

I'm very much the same in my creative efforts. I play the piano (not as well as I should, but I do), I write, I create with beads, metal, and (someday) poly clay and have my eye on metal clay, I draw & paint (again, not as well as I should/could, but I do), I play with a camera & photography.... Again, with the schizophrenic thinking, eh?  Show of hands, how many of you are just as schizophrenic in your creativity?  Well, guess what?  This is normal for us!

Not that being like this ever bothered me. No one ever made fun of me for it so I never thought about it. Apparently my friends are either as crazy as me or just enjoy the ride.  That being said, let me share a link to an article I saw on my FB news feed the other day. It was written by Matthew Schuler and he found a book written by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly called  Creativity: The Work and Lives of 91 Eminent People.  Matthew gives us a few of the highlights from Mihaly's work including this line;  “I have devoted 30 years of research to how creative people live and work, to make more understandable the mysterious process by which they come up with new ideas and new things. If I had to express in one word what makes their personalities different from others, it’s complexity. They show tendencies of thought and action that in most people are segregated. They contain contradictory extremes; instead of being an individual, each of them is a multitude.

As I read through the 9 contradictory traits described by Mihaly, my first reaction to each was "No, that's not me." But, as I read the full discription (not just the start) I realized that, a) yes, it did too fit me and, b) I really am a "multitude". Well, a multitude of ideas and thoughts and need to do's. Go read Matthew's article here and find out just how much of yourself is a mulititude. Learn why we're such a puzzle to the (supposedly) "Normal People."

Creative people really do live in our own little world, but it's okay. They know us here.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Keeping the Muse Satisfied

So, I didn't get to play with my poly-clay this weekend. Too much was going on for me to be abl to do it. HOWsomeEVER!  Last night I was able to play with my wire.  Yes, my fellow Crazy Creators, I have made my first ever fibula!  I am SO proud of me right now, I could bust!!

So! I used the bottom of one of my tool holding buckets to create the initial circular shape, then smoothed the shape slightly with my nylon jawed bracelet forming plyers, then hand tightened the circle. I wire wrapped some faceted, Tanzenite colored crystals to the circle, then created the pin and attached more beads. The pin is (it's been suggested) too long so I have plans to lop off about 1/4" and refile the point. Other than that, I'm happy with it.

Now, why did I choose the beads, etc. that I did? Well, there's a story.  I have a series of jewelry called my "Fishes & Loaves" line that is taken from the story in the Bible where Jesus fed the 5,000 with a little boy's donated lunch of five loaves of bread and two small fish. In the past this has mostly been fish-shaped earrings with five beads (3 on one fish & 2 on the other), a couple of bracelets with the fish motif and five beads wired on, and at least one necklace with the fish & beads (which I loved!). This time, I wanted to finish the story. See, after everyone had been fed, Jesus told His disciples to take up the leftovers. They returned with twelve full baskets. Bet that little boy's momma was shocked! (yes, I believe it went to the boy... after all, it was his lunch given to Jesus to use... why wouldn't Jesus reward his generosity?) ANYway, you'll see there's 5 small, purple round beads and two tiny fish on the straight pin. There's the fish & loaves. If you count, you'll find there are 12 beads on the main portion of the fibula... they represent the 12 baskets of leftovers taken up.  The end of the story (as it were).

I'm sure this will evolve in other ways (already have an idea or two) so keep watching.  After all, my Muse is speaking to me, I must keep her happy!

Friday, January 10, 2014

10 Minutes A Day... For Now!

Clockwise from top: amethyst & tanzenite colored,
faceted rondelles, citrine and citrine colored,
faceted rondelles, garnets & emerald colored, faceted
rondelles, moonstone and clear, faceted rondelles.
 I was able to get into my craft room last night for about 10-15 minutes (maybe a little more) and create these four pairs of earrings.  I saw a similar style in one of my jewelry magazines and made my own, slight twist on it. Z didn't let me play for too long (because it wasn't with him!) but at least I appeased the Muse enough that I think she'll return for my next session (which I hope is tonight... I have some ideas I want to get brave and pull out my poly-clay for!)