Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sci-Fi Blog Hop

Whelp!  It's here.  Sadly, a couple of ladies had to bow out.  I'll take part of the blame for that since I didn't keep up notices about the hop to remind everyone.  I let things get in the way that, really, I could have worked around.  Still, we have a number who were able to participate (and even one or two who jumped in last minute! either they're enthusiastic or masochistic... guess we'll never know for certain! ~HA!~)

Anyway, here are my own offerings:

Skies over Jupiter:
From Anne McAffrey's Tower & Hive series... the Rowan's Tower is located on Jupiter's moon, Calisto.  The focal bead in this necklace is some type of banded agate that just made me think of ol' Jove and his many satellites.  There are pyrite nuggets to suggest the other moons in orbit around him and several crystal bicones to stand for the distant stars.

Deep Blue:
 Have you ever been looking for beads for something else and the ones you pick up just seem to fall into another piece of jewelry altogether?  Yeah, that's what happened here.  I picked up the blue dyed agate and they just sort of decided they wanted to be with the flat pearl beads. There was no reasoning with them a'tall! I thought, perhaps, it was the sort of necklace a water-witch might wear? I guess we'll have to ask Harry Potter if there are any he knows. ;)

Pectoral Shield:
This one was a sort of  "let's play and see what happens" necklace. I wanted to use some copper and fire and I cut, filed, folded, hammered, torched and sanded to my heart's content on this piece (altho' it's hard to tell in this shot, the copper has some really nice rose color to it). Then, I punched holes and wired on the center shield, flat pearls and small metal discs. I also added some faux amber bead dangles.  I think this is something one of Ra's lower personal slaves might have worn in the movie Star Gate.

And here are the artists who were able to join me for this jaunt. Please stop over and see what they created:
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One more last minute entry (and, sorry, y'all. I'm home sick, today and have been in bed until now)
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  1. Beautiful pieces :) If I'd started work on mine back when I first got the ideas ( long before the dead line ) I'd have made a few pieces like these. Unfortunately, my pieces are very much 'less' since I'm fairly sure I'm that Empress of Procrasti Nation that you've mentioned ;) lol

  2. Wonderful pieces. I am not that much of a Sci-Fi follower, of course, except for Mr Spock. Who doesn't love him? And I am not a water-witch (I don't think) but I would wear that blue agate necklace!

  3. Thanks for hosting this hop! What a nice variety of styles you have here.

  4. These are all really fun and colorful. I am completely digging that Pectoral Shield! Love it!

  5. Wow! That last piece does scream Stargate! I love that movie. All the pieces are great but that is my pick.

  6. Beautiful!! Love everything - but that 'shield' is perfect!

  7. Lovely, Pam! I especially like the pectoral shield! Thanks for a fun hop!