Monday, January 28, 2013


(faints.... then recovers and brushes self off)
Well, I am officially a "designer" of jewelry! (heheheeeehehe!)  Bill @ emailed me yesterday to let me know one of my necklaces officially made it into the Tuscon Bead & Button Show with them! (AAAAAHHHH!)
(imposes strict ~ if temporary ~ self control)
So, this is the necklace they chose from my designs:
Yes, I'm surprised and please and excited (only a bit) and dancing....
In fact, I got so excited, when I mailed the necklace out, it dawned on me AFTER I had mailed the box that I only attached a little "made by..." card to the necklace.  I comPLETEly forgot to tell Bill if I wanted him to sell it or return it or what (I don't mind a bit if someone wants to buy it!) and I forgot to send business cards. Guess what I'll be sending out tomorrow (won't have time to get them in today's mail... my lunch hour is over!).
Well, that's what happens when you're excited, sick and drugged (Dayquil!) and trying to mail something important. Bill! I will be emailing you tonight.  I do so hope you get the message!

And, what's been happening in your neck of the woods?

p.s., go to ZnetShows blog to see the other Chosen!


  1. Congrats, Pam!! One of mine is going as well, glad it know it's in such good company. :)