Monday, January 21, 2013

Designing With Sea Glass

I received an email back on January 9th from a man named Bill Zhang of ZNet Shows, Inc.  I had never heard of him or znet, that I recalled, and I very nearly deleted his email without opening it (I'm very leery of unsolicited emails since there are so many phishing scams and virus laden emails out there).  I'm glad to say, I didn't delete it!

Mr. Zhang asked me to be one of several designers to play with his most recently created Sea Glass and offered to send me a bead soup.  He also named Suzie of Ellie's Bijoux blog which I follow and that relieved my mind that this was a sincere and honest offer. So I said yes... then did the giggly version of the Happy Hamster Dance that I was going to be getting to play with some free beads. 

Well, Mr. Zhang did mail me the beads.  And I did receive them.  Unfortunately, I received them in the middle of trying to finish the forty-four pairs of earrings (which I'll show you later) my sister requested for our Ladies Retreat this past weekend so I haven't been able to do more than admire them in their package. And, now, I'm back at work in my Day Job. 

Oh, the beads he sent me?

They're blue. 

They're a GORGEOUS blue!

I'm rubbing my hands together in anticipatory glee of getting to play with them starting tonight.  Now, most of you know by this point, I'm an earring gal.  I love making earrings. I don't know for sure why I love making them, but I do.  However, Mr. Zhang sent me a HUGE bead soup and I want to do them justice so I'm going to have to design at least one necklace.  I promise to put pictures of everything up as I go.  The jewelry needs to be done (hopefully) before Thursday so I'll be working tonight and tomorrow night to get them done.  And I'll share the joy of them with you, too.

Thanks, Mr. Zhang, for this chance to play with your lovely beads!


  1. Very interesting! I'm looking forward to the see the stuff you are doing. I'm a fan of sea glass jewelries.