Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some Work, An Idea and Another "Dead" Thing

I worked in my craft room last night.  I got some gorgeous beads from Dhea and her husband in the shape/style of candy corn. LOOOOOOVE!  So, I'm designing a lanyard with them.  Here's the general out line, so far (rough, yet):

I'm still working on how I want the beads to your left to string/hang. I like the idea of a double row, but I'm still working on the logistics.  You'll notice the two main beads at the point?  Yeah, they're used, brass bullet casings. I shined them up then used Renaissance Wax on them to keep them from darkening due to wear and handling.  This is still somewhat in the planning stages, tho', so I don't know that my first idea will stick. We'll see.

Then, because I had such fun with the mis-matched earring swap, and I really liked what I sent my partner, I made a similar pair with only a few changes:

Blood-Moon Nights
Me like-y! (heee)

...and some from the bullet casings I showed you yesterday:

(or, maybe, Updated Cupid! Oooohh!)
A little heavier than I like, but still wearable.  Awesome!

And, the idea:
love how Instagram makes it look like old parchment!
Just a few thoughts on a focal bead for a necklace from one of my shell casings.

And, for those who miss my "Dead" Things photos, here's one for you:

...again, love the look from Instagram! too cool!
What have you been up to?

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