Saturday, October 6, 2012

I *Heart* Macro

I finally got to play with some of my new lens adapters.  I shot a few pics of the flowers in front of my Mom's house. The first one is a Gardenia.  I love Gardenias! They have such a pure look and they have the most wonderful, completely indescribable scent.  (not to mention uncopieable scent (is that a word? it is now!) because lotions don't come close!)  I took a shot and then played around with various "adjustments" to it.
over at Lori's Studio

Pure Beauty

Soft as It's Scent

Gardenia Blues

Sugared Surprise

Olde Tyme Gardenia

Mom's front yard... anyone know what this is?

Same thing, only different... don't know it's purple name, either

Although this one's easy... ROSE!

I played with my Supermacro lens, my x10 and my 2x lens.  I have plans to keep playing.  Now, if you want to see what else I did to that Gardenia, feel free to pop over to my FB page and look. I'm thinking of adding selling photography along with selling my jewelry.... but that's still open for discussion (the voices in my head haven't agreed, yet)



  1. It's such fun to play around, isn't it?! Great shots!

  2. Beautiful flowers! My favorites are the last two.

  3. I always make up words...totally acceptable. Loving the Gardenia shots...pure and beauty and olde time are my favs.
    These pics remind me of the old Dinah Washington song "blue gardenia" ya know it?

  4. Oh - how lovely. I think the sugared surprise is my favorite -but they are all lovely!!

  5. Oh, I can see that you had SUCH a good time with your new "toy". Beautiful shots!

  6. Great shots, I love my macro too!

  7. The first one and the sepia are the best, they look very professional!

  8. Love your gardenias! ...amazing what you can to with adapters too.

  9. Love how the rose is just barely off centre. Makes all the difference.

  10. Beautiful!! it's fun to play around like that, I need to do that more :)

    ~Kazi xxx