Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sharing A Blessing

Well! I was going share better pics of my latest lanyard creation using Dhea's awesome hubster's beads (check his beads out here) but, sadly for your viewing pleasure (but happily for my wallet) it sold the day after I put it on FB.  The Lord knew I needed that little bit of extra money this week, hence the blessing (and happy wallet).  However, far be it from me not to share in SOME fashion, so here are the quickie shots I took with my iPhone and finagled with instagram:

Fall Lanyard with brass shell casings holding the
faux amber beads.

A closer look

Is it a necklace?  A lanyard?

Yes! It's BOTH! You can remove the badge holder
and have a nice necklace after the work day is over.
I have plans to bug Dhea's hubs for more of the glass candy corn and then horde if for a loooong while. Unless they speak to me. Did you know beads talk? Inside your head.
"Use me here."
"Add that color bead, it would complement me really well!" 
"Well, try using me without the end cap this time!"

All the time, they talk!

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  1. Really like those beads. And yes, I know beads talk! Sometimes they shout at me! Take me home!!!