Monday, October 22, 2012

I've Got A Lot of Brass!

Yes, I do! 

Bullet casings, I mean.  I asked a friend if, the next time he went to the shooting range, he would police his brass for me. I've seen some ideas using old bullet casings and want to try a few of my own. I'm inspired! (the funniest one being a "Zombie Killer" necklace... LOVED it!)

Anyway, here's a few shots of the haul I received and what's going on (so far):


Cleaning the gunpowder off the brass is an adventure: soapy
water can create a coat of rust on the steel jacketed casings.
If you don't want this look, or want to clean it, don't try this!

Amazing what one of those little spongy, multi-sided files
will do to clean off the rust! Much better (altho' I could change
my mind at a later date!)

Another look in better lighting
(sorry, the iPhone wanted to focus on my fingers)

Brass and... not sure what those silver casings are made from,
stainless steel? Is that even possible?  Anyway, only those
made from whatever that silver material is didn't rust. The brass
didn't rust, either, but you can see the oils, etc. that coat the casing.

Used the file in two directions to create this matte look
to the brass.  I kind of like it. I'm now trying to decide if
I need to invest in, and practice with, etching materials
or just use alchohol inks. Opinions?

Yes, I drilled a hole in several of them. Quite the interesting
adventure. You have to find a way to hold the metal casing
so that you don't burn yourself when the friction from the drill
heats the casing and you don't want to put it in some sort of
grip that will warp, bend or dent the casing.  I found a folded
piece of flannel works well for this. You can get a pretty good
grip to keep the casing from spinning and not get burned.
 So, there you have it. My latest Brain-Storm in the making. At least it proves I HAVE a brain.

Of some kind.

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  1. I've worked with bullet casings before and just used a polishing cloth, a special one, actually. They clean up nicely and make a really attractive pendant.