Monday, October 1, 2012

Sci-Fi Blog Hop

Well, I didn't get anything posted on my FB page over the weekend like I promised for the Sci-fi Blog Hop.  I'm very sorry about that, but I ended up being busier than I thought.  SO!  Here's a look at what we're doing for the Hop: (for those of you just joining, I'm going to host a Hop where you create a piece of jewelry for a science fiction/fantasy world)

1) Open to any area of sci-fi; i.e., science fantasy, science fiction (technolog), steampunk, alternate reality/existence,etc.
2) May be a book, book series, t.v. series, movie (t.v. or theater)
3) If it's a book, must be a published author (i.e., more than a one-time shot author) and someone that can be googled if readers are not familiar with said author
4) Must have an active blog or an open-to-the-public FB page for posting your pictures.

Tentatively set for January 24th. Why? Because that's my birthday so, why not! (ha!)  Actually, I didn't want to set it in Oct./Nov./Dec. to avoid making it too difficult on those who are working to have product for the holidays and I'm trying to avoid clashing with Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party which (I believe!) is set for February.  So... January. For my Birthday. (haHA!)

If you're stuck as to what to do, or you're not familiar with Sci-fi but want to join in, here are a few suggestions for where to look for inspiration:

Firefly (movie is Serenity)
Forever Knight
Star Trek (any version of the series)
Star Wars
5th Element
Chronicles of Riddick
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (steampunk)

books by author:
Isaac Asimov
Poul Anderson
Mercedes Lackey
Anne McCaffery
Joanne Bertin

These are just some suggestions, places for you to start if you don't know Sci-fi, don't have any ideas or just plain got stuck because there's too much out there to choose from. Feel free to google science fiction or use whatever sci-fi is your personal favorite.  Also, pleasepleaseplease be sure, if you plan to participate, to email me at so I have your contact info. I'll need that for sending out email updates, reminders, or any changes.


  1. I'm so in! Emailing you tonight. ^.^

  2. Hey Pam, I can't find this post on my Blogger dashboard... strange! Does that happen sometimes? Is it in a parallel universe? I'm not sure how to check there LOL.

    I will be joining you come January and I have seen the Vision of my Future Creation... it will be inspired by the planet Cottman IV, more familiarly called Darkover, as envisioned by the late MZB. Unless I change my mind by then. Or am influenced by outside forces wishing to compel my mind to other visions... WTH, it COULD happen...

  3. Ohhh, I want in. I'm immersed in the Song of Fire and Ice, a rich fantasy world. If you have not heard of the books, perhaps A Game Of Thrones rings a bell. I have not seen the televised version but love the world that the author has created. I am attuned to the Brothers of the Crow, the defenders of the Wall and House Stark so whatever I make will be based on my "alliance".

  4. Keep meaning to tell you, I'm in for this one for sure! Just need to remind me in December, I'm too busy to think about it right now!

    1. No probs. I'm planning to start making references over the next couple of months as general reminders to everyone.