Friday, September 30, 2011

New Attempts

I've started playing with a new medium, Sculpy Clay.  I've never used clay before but it seems I may have a bit of talent in this direction. Below are pics of some of my 1st attempts, still in the rough.  They need to be sanded a bit, then I'm planning to paint them and lightly coat them in resin to keep them sealed and give them a little more protection.

Idea from Kari on the Spina Bifida web-site... "Believe"
The idea being, Pigs CAN Fly, so Kids with disabilities can do ANYthing!
2nd attempt, a little smaller and the "flying pig" was
made by hand instead of carved like the 1st one was.
Dragonfly and findings baked into the clay and set
into a necklace bezel. Sadly, a couple of the "reeds"
broke off, but I think I can fix them.

1st heart attempt.  The larger bit is a
garnet chip. The next attempt will have
yellow beads baked in for Spina Bifida!

So, as I said, these are my first attempts.  I'm going to paint them (and fix the reeds on the dragonfly pendant) and then seal them with a thin layer of resin.  Once they're done, I'll repost the end product.  Once I have several bits of product, I'll begin offering them for sale. 

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