Friday, November 11, 2011


I'm one of those who can get three or four ideas (or high school principle called me a schizophrenic thinker ~HA~) running through her head at one time and, upon occasion, actually pin them down and make them work (or, pen them down if it's a writing idea ~ I just love puns!).  It might take awhile, but it can be done. 

Sometimes, however, an idea ferments and foams and boils and..... fades away.  This one hasn't faded, yet, but I'm not sure where to take it, so I'm asking for suggestions.  Here it is;  I was in London (yes, as in England) a number of years ago and we went to a street faire where they had all sorts of interesting things for sale (think of it as the British version of a flea market, I guess).  What caught my eye (and wallet) was an old fashioned key-hole cover.  It's brass, about four inches long and about 3 inches wide and it's carved... or embossed... or stamped.... I'm not sure, and I'm not sure exactly how old it is.  But it looks very old... Gorgeous, isn't it!

I want to use it, somehow, in my beading or art, but I'm thinking it's too heavy and bulky for a necklace.  I could use it to make a mold but we're still talking size, here.  I suppose I could make the mold then just use part of it, but that doesn't appeal to me at this time.  I've even thought about scanning it, reducing it and seeing if I could (somehow) make a mold from it that way.   So, even though I'm in the midst of finishing my November ABS challenge, and getting things together for the Virtual Craft Show, I thought I'd throw this out there and see what you folks have to say.  SOMEthing has to click!  I've just GOT to find a way to use this puppy!

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