Friday, November 25, 2011


 So, we're just hours away from the First Annual Craft Show!  Now, for those who are entering the contests, you need to be sure you comment on the Pretty Things blog, here, because that's the only way (following their instructions) to win one of the Big Prize Give-Aways.  While I'm not going to be listed for all the days of the Craft Show, I will be listed for most of them.  So, check (and comment) often.

HOWEVER!!  For those of you who buy from me at my Etsy store, I'll have a different drawing for you to be entered in.  Note the lovely, Autumnal colored necklace to the left (along with it's close up, Mr. DeMill).  If you buy from my store, that will be one entry.  If you go to my Facebook Page and like my page as well as comment on your purchase, that will be a second entry.  If you have a blog and comment on your purchase from my store there, that will be a third entry, you just need to be sure and leave a comment with me, along with a link to your blog, so I can see it. (please note, it is only one entry if you buy from me, not one entry per perchase).  This drawing will be held Dec. 3rd and the winner announced Dec. 4th.

 This necklace is a side project from the ABS November Challenge (I got into a Fall colors mood) and is strung on chocolate ribbon with a deep Autumn Sunset glass focal bead, caramel ceramic beads and copper accent beads. This giveaway is worth $30.00.

We're also going to be including some of Saner Sister's crochet work in the store.  Here's a tease of one of her scarves.  It's made from Country Look yarn in the color "Regal Earth" (altho' I call it Forest Road) and is a rich, earth-toned brown with forest-green accents in the yarn.  It's quite soft and very warm and her scarves will be $40.00 in our store.  There will be three others listed as well, a yummy forest green (which I've been drooling over), a stormy dark gray and a cool, creamy white.  If you have another color preference, please convo me on Etsy and I'll pass your request on to Saner Sister.

If you'll check to the right of this post, just under my Facebook page link, you'll find the link to my Etsy shop, or just click here to get to it..

Shop On, Friends! :)


  1. Your blog look so inviting. I am checking out the virtual craft show.

  2. Love that necklace. Be blessed to be a blessing