Monday, November 21, 2011


Well, I finished the ABS November challenge but now, I have a new challenge.  Getting a post-worthy picture of it to put on my blog, my FB Page and to send to ABS.  (sigh)  I really need one of those table-top photo set ups.  My kingdom for one!

However, I've also taken on another challenge!  I "found" this one when I was visiting ammjewelry's blog and saw these adorable ceramic snowflake pendants!  I had to try this out and I got the kit just the other day.  They were over at Michelle Mach's blog, Beads & Books and, last I saw, she only had a few of her kits left.  If you want to join in, I suggest you hurry!

I received my kit from Michelle on Sunday and immediately sat down and went to work.  Really, I just love these beads!  They are so evocative of the Winter Season not because of the snowflakes, but the blue glaze she used as well and their delicate form. But, these are tough little beads for as delicate as they seem (not that I recommend pounding with a hammer or anything!) and they have just enough weight to hang well.  I've used some of her beads and some of my beads and some ribbon I bought from Abby & Ellie Originals on Etsy.

Now, here's a little bit of a tease from what I'm going to be calling "Christmas Cranberries" when the blog-hop for this little challenge rolls around in January (p.s., I'll be doing a few other things with the remaining beads in that kit, too...)
(p.p.s., if you want to preview the whole thing, go up and click on my Facebook Page up there on the right. And, be sure to "like" the page as well! ;)  )

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