Friday, November 18, 2011


Yes, folks, Winter is here.  It's time for frozen fingers, nipped noses and sore throats.  Well, I can't help with the noses & fingers, but maybe The Crazy Creative Corner can help with the throats.

What's the best way to avoid a sore throat (besides loads of vitamin C and avoiding others with sore throats)?  Keeping it warm! Those of us in the central part of Southern California have aclimated to the weather around here and, to us, it's cold in the winter. (I can hear those of you in the Frozen North and East just cracking up right now. Stop it!)  It's time to pull out the scarves, the mittens even the occasional hat (tho', for us, it's mostly umbrella's).  Once December rolls around, we even drag out the "heavy" wool coat. (quit laughing! I tell ya', live here through one winter and summer and the next winter you'll be freezing with the rest of us! I know an  Alaskan who that happened to!)

Saner Sister has been busy the last week crocheting the answer to your chilly tonsils.  She has made some beautiful, and soft, scarves to wrap your necks in.  I love her scarves.  I usually have to beg her for one (and buy the yarn myself!) and, out of the ones she's made for the upcoming Virtual Craft Show and our Etsy store, I've got my eye on one that may or may not make it in with the rest of them.  Its got a yummy color that I'm most desirous of having.

Maybe when she's not looking.

ANYway!  That's the tease for now.  No, I'm not putting up any pics of them.  I want you to come see.  She really is quite good at making them and uses quality yarn.  They'll be in the Etsy store this next week and part of the Virtual Craft Show that's starting next weekend. 

Stay tuned!

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