Thursday, November 3, 2011


OOoohhhh!  I am either OUT of my MIND!  Or getting brave.  I haven't decided which, yet.  On top of the Virtual Craft Show I'm taking part in (see ad to right) I've decided to be part of a design challenge for the Art Bead Scene November Challenge.  I actually have some beads the colors of this months' challenge and thought I'd be brave.  Now... to come up with a design.
Then, a friend of mine asked if I had thought of making and selling lanyards for those who have to have a company ID badge on/with them at all times.  I actually had and was planning to make that one of the things I sell in my Etsy shop (not that she was aware of this! HA!).  So, I decided that I would attempt my design around a lanyard!  I can make more than one item, it appears, so the first will be a lanyard.  If that makes me happy, then maybe some glasses holders or earrings.  I love these colors for the challenge, but, then, I love Autumn and her many colors as well.  So, as soon as the design is complete and put together, I will be sure to post the pics... well, I have to.  That's part of the rules to enter the contest. 

I may not survive this, but at least I've gotten out of my comfort zone and tried something new!  We all should.  Otherwise our minds atrophy.

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