Saturday, October 29, 2011


OOOoooohhh! I am SO proud of me!  I spent a good portion of the afternoon working on jewelry (between laundry loads!) for the Virtual Craft Show/Fair.  You remember, the one I'm nagging all my nearest and dearest about?  That I keep telling you is coming up (in a few more weeks) and you need to visit?  Yeah, that one!  I'll be putting a few pics up in the next day or two, but my camera's battery died and I couldn't get any good pics with it before it died. :-(   Got a necklace, watch-bracelet and 6 pairs of earrings made.  Had a BALL making the earrings.  Everything but the necklace and two pair of earrings are going to be part of my Spina Bifida line.  Jewelry with the Spina Bifida yellow to remind us that SB is not a death sentence nor a lessening of the quality of life!  Thus, the delay in getting the pics.  I want shots that do the jewelry justice. 

I did get a picture of the necklace (not a part of the SB line) by using my scanner.  That was a hint from a fellow beader from work and it works, but it works best for larger pieces.  The earrings and the watch were either blurry or the richer colors were washed out.  If you have a large item, want a fast way to upload it to your computer and have a jpg-scan mode on your copier, you can lay the item on the scan plate and, leaving the lid open, hit the scan button.  As I said, the larger items will work very well.  Apparently the scanner feels it has to enlarge the smaller items and that's what seems to cause the problems.  You don't have to put anything on top of the item as the scanner will automatically give it a white background.  If you like, however, you can lay a piece of black velvet-covered cardboard over the item.  It will show up just as well and, if the item is light colored, will keep it from looking lost against the auto-white background.

Happy Creating! :)

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