Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I can't believe it... I have actually signed up for my first Craft Fair/Show!  Well, okay, the Show is actually on the web, but it's still a great way to start off my new venture of selling my hand-made items.  The Craft Show will be November 26 to December 3 and will be hosted by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things.

So, be ready.  Tell your friends.  Have your credit cards at hand. There's going to be a Craft Show with lots of amazing people showing off their Holiday Best for sale.  All items will be hand crafted so be prepared to get all your Christmas shopping done over that 8 day period and also to drool (have a napkin or hand towel ready!) as you see what these creative people I'll be rubbing virtual elbows with can do! (you may have to buy yourself some Christmas presents ~heehehehe~)


  1. The virtual show sounds like fun! I have a one-day slot, thanks to Lori for encouraging me to participate. I really don't do craft shows either - it's been years, so I think I can handle a virtual show! ;-)