Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Okay, who broke my winning streak? Huh? Huh!?
Oh, well, I guess this means I shouldn't play the lottery any time soon. Congrats to Amy from Copper Diem!

Yes, folks, it IS all addictive.  Whether it's writing, sewing, knitting, or beading/jewelry making it's as addicting as... well... gambling.

Okay, I'm reaching a bit, (okay, maybe a lot) but I now understand the gambler's urge (to a VERY small degree).  My last post, I showed you the great sets of earrings I won and, now, I'm entering blog contests all over the place!  For one thing, I'd really like a chance to win Barbara Lewis's Grand Prize over at Painting With Fire so I'm entering by making comments on as many of her Book Tour hosting sites as I can (sites like Pretty Things by Lori... she's got an especially interesting article with tips on getting into the beading magazines which actually scares me, but we all need to get out of our comfort zones, eh?) (oh, and, no particular preference on prizes from Painting With Fire, unless you ask, in which case I'd say the torch-fire kit... but, hey, I'm flexible! ~hee~) However, through all that blog-hopping, I'm coming upon other blogs with give aways going on and, yes, I'm entering them, too.  You never know, I might actually be on a roll, here! (okay, one win, but still a roll! right? hello? *crickets*)

Anyhoo... one of those sites promises to enter me in their contest if I mention (and link them) on my blog, but I have to get it done by... oh, look, today! So, I am mentioning Yolanda's Clay Bead Talk blog as of right now.  And, yes, there's a link attached to that name.  See the color change? Click it! Please, click it.  You don't want to be the cause of my winning streak breaking, do you?  And, these are the beads she's giving away; cute, eh?    Now all I need to do is "like" her on FB and add her to my "follow" blog list for two more chances.

Cross your fingers.  Go, winning streak, go!

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