Monday, October 10, 2011


My soon-to-be-received earrings
Cool, eh? Thanks, Linda!
 Several of the art sites I'm following are having contests to promote the new book of fellow artist Barbara Lewis of the blog Painting With Fire Artwear. And I was the winner of one contest (yay me!). I won a pair of handmade earrings and some copper shapes to play with from Linda at Objects and Elements. SO excited!! Anyway, below is a list of the rest of the virtual book tour (blog to blog) for those who'd like to tour some other wonderful and inspirational sites:

October 10, Andrew Thornton,
October 11, Lori Plyler,
October 12, Diane Cook,
October 13, Lori Anderson,
October 14, LeAnn Weih,
October 15, Jen Judd Velasquez,
October 17, Melissa Meman,
October 18, Lisa Crone,
October 19, Shannon LeVart,
October 20, Cindy Wimmer,
October 21, Laura Twiford,
October 22, Erin Prais-Hintz,
October 24, Jennifer Cameron,

Take a tour, enter any contests and enjoy!

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  1. Oh too cool! Be sure to come by all the blogs -- they all (including mine!) will be giving things away, and each comment counts towards the really BIG prizes at the end!