Friday, November 30, 2012

Just A Break... And A Couple Pics

I'm still working my way through the Challenge of Color blog hop (if you're looking for mine, go here) but I'm going to stop for a bit. It's overwhelming what gorgeousness everyone has come up with in response to to Erin & Brandi's challenge. And I love seeing how some of us can get the same pallets and still be SO different in what and how we see and create! 

As for the promised pics, on my way home from my Day Job today (I work in what amounts to the boonies!) I saw a couple of hawks sitting atop phone poles. Not sure which type of hawk , but I suspect Golden Hawk (only because that's one of the more prevalent species along with the Kite Hawk, but these boys were too big for that).  They looked over at me when I stopped my car to get out and get a shot (I drag my camera almost EVERYwhere anymore... just in case...!) then, after I'd gotten off one shot of the 1st hawk and about 2 or three of the 2nd one, they took off. Guess they didn't like being "shot" at. (that's a pun, y'all.... laugh!) Anyway, I came home, cleaned 'em up and played with 'em a bit on and here's what I have. May put these on the Etsy store when I reopen.  We'll see. I'm SO seriously considering a photo section in the store, too.

Anyway, enjoy these lovelies:

"Watching My Back"


Same as the one right above, but a little closer look
He flew off right after this and I'm not good enough to
follow that fast of an action that up close, yet. I'll get there!
Be back tomorrow, late, to check out some more of the Challenge Of Color entrants.

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  1. I'm not finished hopping myself. I started at the top of the list, worked down. Next time started from the bottom. My name is somewhere near the middle so when I get to it I'll be done. You and I had the same pallette as did a coupleof other ladies. It's amazing to see that we all had the same colors yet came up with such incredibly different pieces. I'm blown away by all the beautiful work!