Friday, November 16, 2012

Rain, Rain... Actually, Come Around!

I live in the San Joaquin Valley area of California.  We're listed as "Central" California but, if you look at a map, my city is really much closer to being in the "Southern" area (at least, in my opinion!). We're in the southern end of the SJ Valley which puts us in a horseshoe of mountains East, South & West.  We not only get agricultural smog from all the farming in our area but all the smog from cities as far north of us as San Francisco and it's trapped by those aforementioned mountains.  (sigh)

But, when it rains, I mean actually, really, truly, water-falling-from-the-sky rains, it washes all that out of the air and it's gorgeous. The smell of clean earth.  The scent of watered down Nature. Mmmmm! And the view! Wow!

I say all that to tell you this: at my Day Job, today, we were all told to park outside the parking lot because they were going to re-pave it for us.  I took a picture because it just cracked me up to see this big, empty lot with all the employee's cars outside the fence "looking in" as it were.

Now, about an hour after we got to work, we were told the folks who were going to do the re-pave job had decided to call it off on account of the fact it might rain today.  See the clouds?  Yeah... now, if I were still in Pensacola, FL (where I went to college) I'd be almighty worried. I'd be saying, "Oh, yeah, gonna really pour today! Keep the bumbershoot handy!"  But, here?  I look up and think, "Well, we might get enough rain to make it look like someone sneezed really hard. Maybe."

Don't get me wrong, it does rain here.  However, the joke goes like this; a visitor once asked a native how much rain we got per year and the native said "6 inches."
"Wow!" says the visitor. "That's not very much!" 
"Yeah? Well," the native drawls. "You should be here the day we get it!"

 Yes, it will probably drizzle sometime tonight (I'm sorry, after college, I just can't call most of what we get "rain!"), but enough to call off a re-pave job?

Aw, c'mon you big pansies! 

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