Thursday, November 15, 2012

Copper Wire and A Lack of Ruby

So, for those who have read my last couple of posts on my adventures in pyromania torching headpins from copper wire, I mentioned I found the wire at Lowe's. At least one person asked where, at Lowe's, did I locate said wire?  Well, I can't tell you. 

No, no, don't misunderstand.  I know where to go at my Lowe's; I just walk in, hook a left and head straight for the aisle I know holds my wire.  But I can't give you an aisle number or section or anything like that. I initially just wandered the aisles until I found what I wanted.  What I can do for you is show you a picture of the wire I use and give you an on-line link to it. That way, you can either print the picture and ask the nearest sales person for help or simply order it on-line at

Sorry, my mistake, NOT 24g, it's 18g wire. Still works! for Ruby.... either she's mad at me and not talking (couldn't come up with one single funny thing this week from her!) or she's busy reading the back story to Schlock Mercenary.

Somehow, I get the feeling it's the latter.  If you like on-line comics (I admit to an inner geek!) Schlock can tickle your funny bone. Warning, it's addictive. Reading it from the beginning (and seeing the difference in skill level as the artist progresses to the present) is time consuming but a) worth it and, b) addicting! I'm not kidding! Do NOT start reading it just before bed-time or you will be up all night trying to catch up to the present story arc! (which, like I said, I'm pretty sure happened to Ruby. She's got a warped sense of humor, which is probably why she talks to me from time to time ~hee~ )

note: Schlock and all related characters are the sole property
of Howard Tayler. I have no desire to see the Glow of Doom
because I forgot to mention property rights or because I did
some fan art.  For your own viewing pleasure, go here to read
Schlock Mercenary - The Comic Space Opera by Howard Tayler
(and, really, start at the beginning!)

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