Friday, November 30, 2012

Challenge Of Color ~ From SPACE!

Erin from over at Treasures Found teamed up with Brandi of brandigirlblog to challenge us with some seriously amazing color pallets.  Erin sent each participant a choice of two pallets of this amazing Earth as taken from space and used in The Earth As Art Project.  It's seriously awesome to see!  The two Erin sent me where just.... mmmmm!  Here's what I received for my choices:

Aren't these some crazy amazing color combos?  I saw them and sighed and told Erin to just put me down for both (after I said I wasn't going to do any more until 2013 got here!) 

Well, those of you who follow me have learned by now that I'm am QUEEN when it comes to procrastinating!  Oh, I had beads and bits and bobs I was playing with, and ideas floating about in the ol' noggin', but I wasn't getting anywhere too fast.  And, then, (*gulp!*) it was WEDNESDAY NIGHT and I realized there was NO TIME left. I had to sit my Queenly Procrastinating Butt DOWN and put my challenge together!  And I did!  I even stepped outside my comfort zone a little (but, I'll get to that in a minute!)  So, with no further ado, here are my Challenge of Color/Earth As Art pieces. 1st, Meighen Island inspiration:

And here's where I stepped out of my comfort zone:
I used leather cording to hang my necklace design!

I had this focal bead lying in a drawer, just
begging to be used in this challenge. I loved
the touches of gold swirled with the blue & white.
I coiled some copper and pinched it into the
leather, then hung a briolet from it. The briolets
were, again, a perfect match to the colors Erin
gave me (same on both sides)

And, of course, can't make a necklace
without earrings (at least, *I* can't!)
Spent brass shell casings mixed with
silver and steel wires. The brass is untreated
so will darken with age & exposure. Nice.
And, the second one, the Namib Desert. For this, I only made a pair of earrings. As I said, I'm a procrastinator... but I'm NOT sloppy! I'd rather make a few items, well, in a short time than as many as I can and they fall apart if someone touches them! My desert inspired earrings:

I used the gift certificate I received from
Erin's last little ballyhoo and bought amber
chips... and they came today! Serendipity?
because I didn't mean it to happen that way!
Anyway, I used them to give the earrings
a bit more swing  and added a bluey/green
seed bead for the smallest bit of color
(still playing with copper!)

Slightly closer look. Sorry for any
blur, iPhones aren't meant for extreme
close-ups. I annealed the copper and then
hammered it over a coin. I'm not thrilled
with the results (need a better coin) but
I am happy with them. I'm learning!
And that conclued today's tour of my Earth As Art inspired jewelry.  Please, pop over to Erin's blog to see everyone else's links and tour their Earth/Art Inspired creations. (for some reason, I couldn't get the links to copy here... frustrating because they usually do! grrr!)


  1. Laughing so glad you got your Queenly Procrastinating Butt sat DOWN! You have some fun pieces...of course I love the shell earrings....I just received a huge bag of fun from a hunter. You inspire me to work with copper more too! Wonderful pieces.

  2. Weren't the Challenge of Color palettes just beautiful? I was so happy with the ones I got. You made such gorgeous pieces with yours! You did a fantastic job on this challenge!

  3. I especially like thos Namib earrings. I had the same pallette and loved it! The colors are gorgeous. Those earrings so reflect the spirit of the place.

    1. I was just going to say how those earrings seem to belong near the Namib. I love them too, with the copper, and the amber and the swing to them. Andrea

  4. Super color palette and you did a fantastic jobs with many different variations with your earrings! Beautiful job! JLynn

  5. I agree with Kim, the "Queenly Procrastinating Butt" got a giggle from me. That said, I cannot get over how much your procrastinating butt did in such a short time. Those are all just wonderful!

  6. OMG, I think our collective Queenly Procrastinating behinds are need some kind of a kick :) What is it that makes us become creative under pressure, when we could do it in a non-stressed environment too? :)

    Your pieces are not only beautiful, but inspiring too - you made me want to get up (and I've been on my feet all day today) and get into my studio and start working :)

    Love everything you made: you captured the richness of each image gracefully!

  7. We both had the exact same palettes! Great job!

  8. Beautifully done, these are gorgeous! Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  9. Love that you used leather! I want to....I keep trying to...but I never feel I get it quite right! Love how you wired on your beads along the side of the necklace! Your last pair of earrings are SO.COOL!! I love them!

  10. Love your desert inspired earrings. they are fabulous.

  11. Great job on both of your color palettes. I like them both. I too had the Namib desert. Isn't it interesting to see what others do with the same pics that we get?

  12. The necklace focal is so perfect! Talk about kismet, right? And I love how earthy and rustic your earrings are - a perfect complement to the desert photo!

    Thanks for playing along!

  13. You worked hard for this challenge. I like all of your pieces and you truly captured the colors of your pallets.

  14. Fantastic response to the challenge! Beautiful pieces!

  15. I think the leather is a perfect choice and I would have never guessed it as your first time. The earrings are just perfect too!

  16. Great earrings! (I used casings in mine also...aren't they a wonderful component to use!)

  17. Well, if you are the Queen, then I am the Princess! ;-P I love what you did and the fact that you jumped out of your comfort zone for that is what the challenge is all about! I think that glass bead is a stunning match. And I love the earthy tribal quality of the second pair of earrings. Thank you for joining me in this Challenge! Enjoy the day. Erin

  18. It's just lovely...every bit of it. As a fellow procrastinator, I applaud your finished product!

  19. Glad you got them done. I really love the Desert earrings, but all pieces are very pretty.

  20. Here I am auditing myself, Pam, thinking I had at last got to everyone's blog to comment. AND I started with the folks I was already following... what the heck?? Hey, before I forget, your pics are pretty good; when I click on them they come up to a nice size. Very cool designs and awesome colour matches. I'm soaking up the inspiration, especially the touches of leather, new element for me.

  21. WoW~Great pieces! I am really smitten with both pair of earrings...the bullet casings and the desert ones. They are spectacular! Procrastinating usually ends well...and yours certainly did just that :-)