Thursday, November 8, 2012

And The Winner Is.......

The Magic Frog has spoken! 

(drumroll, please!)

Renetha, contact me with your
snail-mail info!


The Magic Frog decided ONE winner was not enough!  Before I could so much as squeak, he reached back into the winner bowl and pulled out another name:

(another drumroll, please:)

Jeweled Inspirations, you also need
to contact me with your snail-mail info
So, that's the drawing for this month. Not to worry, Beading Magazine coveters, I will be having another drawing and give-away next month.  I have a LOT of magazines (I get my hoarding instincts from Frugal Father) and I doubt I'm going to run out of 'zines to share any time soon.

Check back, there's another give-away coming.
Renetha, Jeweled Inspirations, be sure to contact me via my email!
And, thank all of you for playing along.  Come back for the next one ;)

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