Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Reminder

For those who signed up for my Sci-Fi Blog Hop back in October.... it's still set for January 24th (which, happily, won't interfere with Lori's blog hop reveal!) and personal reminders will be going out in about a week.  The final list of Who's Who won't be going out until the week before the reveal (so any last minute joiners can join the fun).  

I'm sorry I haven't blogged on it (or much of anything else recently) but I'm getting our choir ladies ready for our Christmas Cantata at church. Stress much!?  Anyway, after this Sunday (gaspgulpstress!) I'll hopefully be able to be back on a schedule where I'm posting at least a couple of times a week (or so!) and will also be reminding the Hoppers to create for the Sci-Fi Hop. 

Plus, hopefully, next week, I'll have sign ups for another Magazine Destash Giveaway! Check back! ;)

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  1. I forget, did we settle on a more condensed area of sci-fi ? Or Sci-fi/fantasy?