Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NEVER Forget

Today, I have nothing to say about beads.  Instead, I want to remind us... ALL of us... what happened not so many years ago but what we're already forgetting.  Our Country was attacked in an unprovoked and heinous manner.  No war was declared on us.  No warning given.  Lives were simply taken because we are the Evil West.  Infidels who don't believe as they do.  And the lives lost were innocent, though many were heroic.  We cannot forget that day.  A day our Country came together in mourning and patriotism.

Have we forgotten that day?  A day that should also live Infamy alongside December 7th. 

Have we lost our intense patriotism?  Do we leave it to the soldiers who protect us as we lounge back in the supposed safety of our homes and jobs?  Are we, once again, complacent in our lives?

Remember those who died needlessly in a cowardly attack on our great Nation.

Remember our soldiers who stand up to the bully in defense of the weak.


Remember........ and NEVER forget!

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