Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fair Entries

For those of you holding your breaths in anticipation......

No. I won't be doing the Happy Hamster Dance.  Sorry, that was reserved for the off-chance one of my entries should happen to win 1st Place.  Didn't happen. 

What DID happen:

(sorry, in advance, for the crappy shots... used my iPhone to get them)

Okay, 1st, the ribbon/id tag is upside-down.  That would be because they HUNG THE PICTURE UPSIDE-DOWN!  When I got there, today, I turned it back around. I received Honorable Mention and, while that's nothing to sneeze at, I can't help but wonder if I wouldn't have placed higher if it had been hung correctly to begin with.  Well, the lesson we take from this is, when there's a doubt about your entry, ALWAYS write on the back (in red ink, is my suggestion) "THIS IS THE TOP!" and, down below, "THIS IS THE BOTTOM!" or, maybe "THIS IS RIGHT-SIDE UP" and "THIS IS UPSIDE-DOWN" and, hopefully, that will negate any confusion. 

But, that's not all. Yes, two of my four entries actually placed!  (drumroll, please!) budududududududududuuuuuubaDUM!

Yes! While it's not 1st, I did place 2nd with my little "King Of Spring" sparrow shot!  Not too shabby! (but not Happy Hamster Dance-worthy, either. Get over it!)

On top of that, I got a small bonus (only $50.00, but it's $50.00 I didn't have before!) because of a sweet, sweet person I call Saner Sister! (love you, Sis!)  and I decided to put it to use toward some inexpensive camera additions.  I have ordered me the following:

From Amazon

THIS is the "Essential Kit for the Canon Rebel" (T2i among others) and has macro and wide angle attachments, a lens hood, several different types of filters, a flash diffuser and cleaning kit.  I found it on Amazon and I did a careful check of my options before I settled on this.  I know it's not a high-end or expensive set, but I'm still learning how to best use my camera. Which would you rather take chances with, a $75.00 set or a $300.00 set? 
Yeah, me, too.

I do have plans to go back for the "Canon EOS Rebel Macro Extension Tube Set Kit for Extreme Close-up" later on. It's only about $4.50 so I don't think it would be any kind of loss, even if it didn't help or enhance anything.  I'd like to play around and see what happens.

I'll post more photos to keep you apprised of how things are going with my learning curve with my new lens set (once I receive it, that is).

So, what have YOU done lately?  Any awards, any upcoming shows? Share!!!


  1. Congratulations, you did really great! Love your photos.

  2. Hey, Honorable Mention and 2nd Place is wonderful! (I am doing a little two-step for you)! The King of Spring........I just knew that little guy was the ONE...LOL. Congratulations! Glad you are able with the Xtra cash to get some equipment you want. Just wait till next year and you will set that fair on fire!!!