Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I got home from work last night (9/27) and GUESS WHAT WAS WAITING FOR ME!!!! (squealbouncebouncybouncesquealsqueal!)  YES!  Even tho' they only juuuuust mailed my package the date I made this post, I got my lens kit YESTERDAY! WOOTWOOT!  Wait for it, mayhem will ensue this weekend as I run around playing with my new toys lenses.

So... that's me squealing like a grade-schooler on helium.  I got an email today stating that my newly ordered lens kit for my Canon Rebel was on it's way and I could expect it by this Friday, the 28th.

(excuse me) :  AAAAIIIIEEEEEEEK!!

Sorry, just needed to get that out. (heeee!)

Yes, I'm a tad excited.  I've been having fun with my camera and I've even been using the macro setting but, I can't get closer than a foot or so or it won't focus. Hence, one of the reasons I bought this kit. It carries both a macro attachment and a wide angle attachment.  (as listed in my previous post).  I have plans to play practice with my new lenses over the next several days. I'll post pics to let you see the progress..... I may even post the not-so-good shots to see the progression.... maybe.... we'll see where my vanity-meter is pointing when the time comes (snork).

Oh, and, expect another shriek with the package arrives.

So, tell me what exciting thing has happened to you today.


  1. Yaaay! :) yeah not much excitement here lol :)

  2. got me excited and nothing is going on here at all. I will live vicariously through you for tonight! LOL