Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lazy Saturday

*UPDATE*: The 2nd picture? I asked a bug expert.... ok, ok, he's a bug killing expert, but he still knows his bugs!  Bug #2 is a Katydid!  I thought those were only found in the Deep South, never knew we had 'em here, but there y'go!

Mom was on the front porch, decorating for Fall/October, and this guy was out there cleaning up bugs. 

Don't know about you, but I wouldn't want this guy looking at me like *I* was a snack!

His pal was out at my office last week:


Not sure what kind of bug he is... not a grasshopper (definitely not a praying mantis) so, if anyone knows, or wants to give me their best guess...... ??

Also, I work around farm fields and vineyards.  Last week they harvested grapes and set them to drying for raisins:

Yes, they used to lay them out open, but birds and other critters ate them, bugs got on them.... ick! (and people wonder why I won't eat raisins!) But now they set 'em up this way.

Anyway, this next week I'll be going to the Fair to see if any of the pictures I entered won anything.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Also, this next week I'll start putting down a little more information about the Sci-Fi Blog Hop.  I'll start with some rules, some suggestions for those who are lost, stuck or don't know much about Sci-Fi but want to participate and, hopefully, a date.  I'm not sure if it will all be available in one post or over several but we will be moving forward.

Everyone have a good weekend! :)

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