Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Almost Fall & Halloween's A-Comin'!

In case no one's noticed, I love Fall.  I'd probably love it a lot more if I lived someplace where we actually HAD a true Autumn Experience.  Alas, in my part of California, we have two Seasons; hot & dry followed by (to us thin-bloods) cold & semi-wet (if you consider wet 6 inches of rain on one day and maybe 4 inches on another). 
~ le-sigh ~
My dad says the only thing he misses about living in South Bend is Autumn and the smell of burning leaves.  Other than that, not really. 
Me?  Well, I was only 7 when we moved out here so what I remember of Fall and Winter isn't a lot and all from a kids POV.  As an adult, it's the colors I want. Red. Gold. Brown. Maroon.  God's Paintboard.  I love it and I'm always digging out pictures and putting them on my computer screen at work so I'll at least have a little bit of that Fall Season.  The closest I can come is with my jewelry.  I did do some work this weekend but I haven't taken pictures, yet.  But, here's a small glimpse of at least one of them.  Some earrings.  (I made a necklace but, again, I couldn't make the necklace without making earrings so I made several that might match go with it. Here's one pair; I'm calling them - and the necklace - Blood Moon Rising... have I ever mentioned I just love Halloween?)

round, dyed coral & moonstone chips

I minimally wire wrapped to give an illusion
of clouds across the moon

I also spent some of the time cleaning up my work area.... I should have taken pictures of "before" and "after" but I didn't want to terrify anyone! :)
What did you do this weekend?

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