Saturday, September 22, 2012

I *Heart* Macro & And I'm Cameralogically Challenged

I've decided I'm going to joing Studio Waterstone's "I Heart Macro" and post macro pics from time to time.  I'm still learning (man! WB, shade, cloudy, field of focus, near, far, whereeeeeever you aarrrrre!.... wait.... what just happened?)

Anyway, here's a few pics I took today on Mom's porch and back yard, attempting to put all these things together. Any nice look to the shot I attribute more to my camera than me... altho'.... I did have it on Manual not Automatic.

Working on Focal Length/Depth of Field, I think it focused
on the wall and forelegs of the Mantis

Don't remember what these are called,
but they're pretty!

....but I don't think you can eat the fruit!

Daddy Longlegs, Cellar Spider.... as long as it's the lens and
not ME that gets close! (8 legged scurriers! ~shudder~)

Went back over to these and played with
the "Monochrome" setting in my camera.
Yes, this is done in-camera, not afterwards.

He was still out there.... did you know Mantis's eyes change
color with the light?  They're lighter at day (see the 1st pic)
than at night.... I may have to go look this up to find out why.

So, go over to Lori's page to see her shots and what others have done. ;)


  1. Photography has such a learning curve doesn't it?! Your photos are great!! I like the angle of the first one.

  2. I used to do the I Heart Macro Sunday but went AWOL last fall when family obligations took up most of my time. I may join the fun again this year. It's a blast and a challenge and encourages you to get so much closer to nature! Have fun with it!

  3. Beautiful shots! Just take a lot of photos and try different things and have fun!

  4. I think most of photography is intuitive. And yes take a butt load of pictures. Its the beauty of digital photography. For every one picture I post...there is about two dozen rejects clogging up my computers recycle bin. Your pics are great.

  5. The purple blossoming bush is called a Duranta!!! And they're gorgeous shots!!!