Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Different Kind Of Creativity

Okay, I didn't do any beading on Monday. I was going to but decided to let a low-level migraine talk me out of it.  (you just don't feel creative when you're brain's doing it's version of the Two-Step and the beat's off!)
Anyway, what I did do was take a few pictures from last week over to and monkey with them.  Some a little, some a little more than that.  I've posted them on my FB page, Pinterest and Flickr pages but, for those of you who don't follow me on those pages, here's a peek for you (those who DO follow me on one or more of those pages.... you can move on if you want, no need to re-see what you've already seen):

Farmer's Friend

Zombies & Undead Parking, Only!

Not everything stays dead!

to paraphrase my favorite movie...
"He's only MOSTly buried!"

Old Timey look using Daguerrotype on

Pedestal of the same fountain

(again with the PicMonkey)

'e's a clever bee, 'e is!

(can't you just hear Dick Van Dyke with his "Bert the Chimney Sweep" accent saying that last one!?) 
Anyway, that's where my creativity went this weekend.  What about yours?  What did YOU do?  Read? Write? Sew? Bead? Photograph?  Share your creative streak from the weekend. (that includes coming up with ways to keep children amused if you're a mom, or a grandparent who had the family over! THAT takes creativity!)

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  1. Cool pic Pam! I worked all weekend at my job that pays the bills.